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Latte Art Competition

Latte Art
Latte Art
Laura Sherman

A land flowing with coffee and art. That's where we live. And on Thursday, those things will converge in one cup - actually numerous cups. Ugly Mugs is a wonderful place on a daily basis, but on Thursday it will also play host to the "Thursday Night Throwdown: Latte Art Competition." You've had them, the little tree or leaf patterns made in that lovely, frothy milk at the top of your lovely, warm drink you get every morning or every afternoon when the work seems to really linger. I've never figured out how to make those pretty designs, but apparently many people have, and they are going to throw the caffeinated gauntlet. At 8pm, at Ugly Mugs, which is located at 1886 Eastland, the art will begin. There will also be an open coffee bar and free tasting bar. If you want to really impress somebody, study up on espresso and french press and percolators and international cafe habits and participate in the coffee trivia competition. I'm only speculating that those subjects will be covered in the competition, so don't throw me under the bus if they ask you about milk steaming temperatures as well. No matter if you want to participate in the trivia or not, the event is free and open to the public. Sign-ups (for the latte art and trivia, I'm assuming) begins at 7pm, an hour before game time. And what's cooler than coffee and competition? Charity. All proceeds will benefit the Haitian Relief Fund. Flex your art and trivia muscles and coffee it up for Haiti.