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Latshia Smith releases new book, "The Dancing Sword"

Prophetess Latshia Smith tells How to Release the Heart of a Worshiper
Prophetess Latshia Smith tells How to Release the Heart of a Worshiper
Latshia Smith, Tamika Hall, Exploding Worship Arts Podcast

Tuesday, Latshia Smith revealed her new book, "The Dancing Sword," on the Exploding Worship Arts Podcast. An author, teacher, intercessor, prophetess, and deliverance minister she spoke about her unique ministry as a Davidic Worshiper.

"In 2005, I was called into the intercessory ministry. I was already a worshiper and ministry leader, but my ministry began to shift and I understood that I was going to be a priestly individual and that my ministry would take place through worship."

A musician of multiple instruments, Smith is a pianist, drummer, and violinist who balances all of her gifts by flowing spiritually. "There are certain forms of worship that evoke different reactions in the Spirit," she explains. "If He [God] wants a soft flow I may be on the piano. If is war then I am definitely on the drums. There is a different need for atmosphere you walk into."

Smith explained that she began writing her new book, "The Dancing Sword," in 2008 when she started researching and journaling about praise dance. The book is more than just guide about dancing. According to Smith, the goal is to take the reader to deeper understanding of the role of a dancer, and the title is one that has prophetic meaning.

"The Dancing Sword is indicative of what the Lord wants us to become...not just dancers but those who are able cut the atmosphere to sever the works of the Enemy."

Through her ministry, Smith has traveled to four nations and several states utilizing the gifts God has given her to bring healing and restoration.

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