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Latino voters in Illinois are getting behind Bruce Rauner for Governor

Evelyn Sanguinetti (R) at the starting point for the Palatine Memorial Day Parade 2014.
Evelyn Sanguinetti (R) at the starting point for the Palatine Memorial Day Parade 2014.
Joel Vargas

Chicago, IL—The latest polls put Bruce Rauner (R) ahead of Pat Quinn (D), but besides the polls, the latest commercials where minorities in Chicago are switching sides from Democrats to the Republicans, is perhaps one of the biggest developments in Chicago politics.

Real Clear Politics (RCP) places Rauner at 42.7 and Quinn at 40.0.

The one commercial that got my attention this past week was the one with Manny Sanchez, who has been a very long and powerful voice for the Democratic Party and close ally to President Barack Obama (D).

He used to run Latinos for Obama in the last Obama’s re-election on 2012 and is someone who carries a lot of weight in the Hispanic affluent community in Chicago.

Just like Sanchez, many Latinos all over Cook County, Du Page, and Kane County are making the move to the Republican Party and going full force for Rauner.

Several voters in Du Page County I spoke with indicated that they need to see a change and they feel the fact that Immigration Reform has not taken place because the current state government has not put enough pressure.

While the Immigration Reform is more of a concern for the federal government, the association of Obama with Chicago and the state of Illinois Democratic Politics is something that may come in Bruce’s favor.

One thing to note is that Latinos who lived in Latin American countries vote people out of office on a regular basis. The example in Mexico by the return of the PRI is one example. Customs do carry over to politics in the US.

So, the fact that the current state government has been full of controversies, has one of the poorest financial scorecards, and was part for the most part from a government where their leader Rob Blagojevich (D), a governor who is in Federal Prison today, may be enough motivators for Latinos to back Bruce and Evelyn.

Speaking today with Evelyn Sanguinetti (R), Bruce’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor, I learned that she is someone who is very humble and very much in tune with the Latino community and its needs. She stated she wants Latinos to vote for them and spoke perfect Spanish.

The voters in Illinois have two choices and one is the same as they had for a while. Pat Quinn (D) with close ties to the Obama’s administration, an administration that has broken many promises to the Latinos in Illinois or Bruce Rauner (R) and his Latino running mate, Evelyn Sanguinetti (R), a Cuban American, who will be there for them.

The differences in these two choices will impact the Democratic Party this coming elections.

One thing is clear, the exodus from the Democratic Party, in particular from people such as Manny Sanchez will make Bruce Rauner stronger and give him and Evelyn the edge to secure the governor’s office. The margins are too close and independents and minorities will most definitely bring success to them.

Based on the presence of Latinos marching for Bruce Rauner, along with Evelyn, such as Cook County GOP Chair Aaron Del Mar (R), another “Latino Convert” from the Democratic Party, during the Memorial Day Parade in Palatine, IL, it is clear that the Latino Republicans may use the discontent from the Democratic Party and bring them to Bruce.

The key cities with the largest Hispanic populations could be the main focus as Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Sanguinetti continue to bring “Latino Influencers” to build support.

As to Evelyn, she could get out there and begin to make more presence in Television, Radio, and Newspapers that serve the Latino Community. She is a real Latino success story; most Latinos would love to hear.

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