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Latino artist making positive impact on community ; Q&A with Billynaire X Cruz

In an industry that usually promotes unmoral behaviors it is nice to meet entertainers that go against the grain and serve as positive role models to their families, friends, and fans. Billynaire X Cruz is a shining example of Latino artists at their best. Billynaire X Cruz is combining his many gifts and making a positive mark in the entertainment world.

Billynaire X Cruz living it up in Los Angeles entertainment scene
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Billynaire X Cruz

Billynaire X Cruz is a solo music artist, model, and actor. Not only is he an entertainer he is multilingual. He speaks English, Spanish,and some French. Billynaire was originally born in Honduras but was raised in South Central Los Angeles. Hollywood Music Examiner had a chance to meet up with him for a Q& A. Follow along to get updated information on Billynaire's plans for 2015. Plus learn about the star studded projects that he has worked on with celebrities like Akon, Pharrell Williams, and Wiz Khalifa.

In this interview Examiner got insight into Billynaire's personal life, his faith, and his mapped out goals. View Billynaire's candid responses to questions about his marriage, his devotion to his followers, and get tips on how to succeed in show business. Read more here:

Hollywood Examiner: I noticed that you have been very active in entertainment industry. What do you feel are your strengths as far as talents?

Billynaire: My good looks. (jokingly) Just the way I am keeping it real simple. I have a lot of determination and street smarts.

Hollywood Examiner: You originally started off co-producing Gospel music. What are some of the obstacles you face with reaching non-believers?

Billynaire: People believe a lot of different things. Some never had a person like myself to approach them the way I do. I tell them why I believe so strongly in Christianity. You have to reach them with love.

Hollywood Examiner: I understand you have big plans for the upcoming year. Please expand on what some of your goals are for 2015?

Billynaire: Hollywood Tours it is a movie that I just accomplished you can go online and see the trailer. Another one is Tacos for Lunch,and Purge. Plus the music projects that I am working on and my seminars. My seminars talk about how to survive in the industry, how to make money, and how to overcome obstacles. Participants will also learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Basically I'm a life coach.

Hollywood Examiner: I know that you are pro-active in taking your career to the next level. What tools do you use to do this?

Billynaire: One, I pray to God to open doors. Second, I stop and think because sometimes things are going so fast in your career. That is the moment you have to stop and think. I analyze things and see if they are working for me or take another route. You have to always be your worst critic. Then I write a game plan.

Hollywood Examiner: What are your plans as far as music?

Billynaire: Going back into studio and getting ready for a new album.

Hollywood Examiner: Can we expect to see any tour dates?

Billynaire: That is being scheduled by my manager.

Hollywood Examiner: Congratulations on your marriage. Since getting married has your music career been affected?

Billynaire: A lot of people ask me that but actually it strengthens it more. My wife supports me and tells me not to quit. You will always need that because you are going to get a lot of negativity and haters.

Hollywood Examiner: What do you enjoy more acting, dancing, creating music, or writing? Which one is your favorite thing to do?

Billynaire: Well right now at this point in my life I would have to say acting. It is just a big part of my life. But music has always been my passion and a way to express my feelings. It is also a way to relate to other people.

Hollywood Examiner: You have worked on a lot of projects with celebs like Pharrell Williams, MGK, Wiz Khalifa, and Akon. Have any of them given you any good advice or have you shared any interesting experiences together?

Billynaire: I have stories with Akon and Pharrell Williams. They give me advice on what to do and what not to do. I learned to not take other people's advice for granted whether it is a well know person or an ordinary person. To respect their advice and to take it to heart.

Hollywood Examiner: For the kids outside of Los Angeles, the entertainment capitol who view you in television or films many can not imagine a future or the possibility of being involved in entertainment. Do you ever reach out to them?

Billynaire: Yes, usually through my seminars or if people run into me. They can also hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, and some have my phone number. I just motivate them by telling them to have a big dream, never quit, and to put God first. You can not succeed without putting him first.

Hollywood Examiner: I always like to ask my guests one odd question. Is there any piece of jewelry or an item that you can not start your day off without it?

Billynaire: I would have to say my wedding ring. There has been times when I'm about to leave my house and I realize that I left something and I go back and get it.

Hollywood Examiner: What is the simplest way to get the latest updates on your work?

Billynaire: or simply go to Google and type in Billynaire X Cruz.

To watch the entire video interview session with Billynaire X Cruz go here.

To view pictures of Billynaire in action look at this Slideshow located on the left hand side of this article.

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