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Latin delight!

Looking for some unique cuisine in a place that feels fun and flirty? The sweet Latin Steakhouse, Beso is celebrity owned by the beautiful Eva Longoria and is creativity prepared by celebrity chef, Todd English. It's perched at the always happening corner of Hollywood Blvd and Ivar and stands out among the other establishments as it is a completely white building. Although the outside lacks the creative look you might be searching for, the inside does more than make up for it.

Beso is beautifully designed with it's dark wood tables and booths and is illuminated with low, sexy lighting. Magnificent chandeliers hang artistically from the high ceiling while accents of red art pop against the dark colored walls. Kiss lounge sits atop of the dining area decorated in red hues and candle light. The entire area of both the restaurant and the lounge set the ambiance perfectly for either a sexy night out with your significant other, or a night full of cocktails with your friends. Keep in mind, if you are on a date and would like to have an intimate dinner with drinks, visiting Beso on a weeknight might be best as the weekends can get a bit crowded and loud.

Lets talk about the food! What exactly is a Latin Steakhouse all about? Beso takes the traditional American Steakhouse favorites and adds those delicious Latin flavors to it. A great example of this being the artichoke and guacamole dip on their starter menu. Instead of just the regular spinach and artichoke dip so many other places serve, the guacamole adds that extra Latin flare. The entrées offer the same main courses most other upscale steakhouses do, only Beso's dishes offer creative, Latin influenced sides to go along with your main dish. If you're a red-meat eater, try the chili rubbed skirt steak with the tortilla fattoush. If seafood fits the likes of your palate, I suggest the seared ahi tuna with creamy cilantro masa, citrus glaze and crispy calamari. Eva herself has a couple recipes on the menu and her tortilla soup is definitely a must-try!

Like all upscale restaurants, Beso's menu is a little pricey. If you're not incredibly hungry, the bar area offers small-plates of fabulous dishes for a much lower cost. Beso is a great place to lounge around with a cocktail for some girl talk as well. No matter what you might be in the mood for, Beso's bar, lounge, small plates or full menu is sure to hit the spot.

For more information of Beso click the following link:

For a look at Beso's menu, click here:


  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    i love eva longoria. she is my dream girl. i bet her soup is the best ever!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    LOVE EVA!! Where is this picture taken at? LOVE HER!!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    She looks beautiful so do you and beso is so good all good things in this website!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    I'll give you a beso for that sweet article!