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Latin American "students" will overwhelm American school districts this fall

Forget the compassionate speeches and liberal lectures about “America’s duty." The real facts about the tragedy occurring on the southern border are larger in scope than first suspected. How many Americans fully realized that over 30,000 migrant Central American students will be in American classrooms across this fall?

Obama's children rebel
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The surge will lower the abilities of the system to educate and bring down classroom averages. Simply said, it will overwhelm struggling school districts, period. You don’t hear this from our nation’s political leaders. The operative word is “political.”

The overly partisan Obama administration quietly announced, amidst the growing furor over the border chaos, that some 30,800 Latino youths will be distributed across the country, with the highest numbers in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and New Jersey. How many of these state's citizens realize their states are targeted?

All in all, more than 100,000 migrants will be distributed nationwide. Is this responsible government? Many of these new students have little or no formal education. They are incapable of turning on a computer or even speak English. There is no way they can participate in learning the history of the country they are in, biology, chemistry or other specific fields of study.

Because of the laws many US school districts have, high school "students" can hang out in their assigned schools until age 20 in many cases. These Latinos are light years behind American children in reading, math and English. Many of the students are facing more than just academic challenges.

Many of these “children” have regressed psychologically after escaping north. Gang violence, poverty, rape are all real issues in their young lives. To sum it up, they are homesick and heartbroken. They are nowhere near ready to enter foreign schools and fulfill daily expected requirements.

The burden on the US taxpayer to help these children is enormous; basically insurmountable. The question becomes, how did this happen? Many politicians will find out this November that the American voter blames them.

Rightly so.

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