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Latest Zynga game ForestVille comes to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

ForestVille arrives on iOS devices.
ForestVille arrives on iOS devices.
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To find any decent forest in Central Ohio, Columbus residents usually need to travel to the Hocking Hills or even Highbanks Metro Park. Mobile gamers in town now have a new option for some quality time in the woods on their iOS device, as Zynga's latest social networking game, ForestVille was just released at the App Store.

Gamasutra remarked this morning that the ForestVille release dovetails nicely with tomorrow's IPO for Zynga. The company recently stepped up its presence on both the iOS and Android platforms hoping to expand revenues before going public.

A forest community on your iPhone

Zynga games are well-known for annoying the Facebook friends of those who play these social networking titles. FarmVille especially being singled-out for scorn; there's no arguing the games are addictive for their fans.

ForestVille is the next in the line of Zynga's "Ville" games, following CityVille and the previously mentioned FarmVille. The game adds fishing as a revenue earning activity as well as farming. Building forest-themed businesses is another possibility for the gamer.

Like the other Zynga "Ville" games, there are many options for customization and decoration, and of course Facebook social networking is baked into the ForestVille.

For some, another game to block on Facebook

Columbus-based Zynga fans now have a new social game to try out on their friends, hoping it doesn't get them blocked on Facebook. For Zynga, they hope tomorrow's IPO is successful, leading to even more "Villes." Maybe SpaceVille is an upcoming game currently in the works?

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