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Latest wine bar discovery was hidden in plain sight!

Becoming the Houston Wine Bar Examiner late 2009 was definitely

an honor and a challenge. Finding the most intriguing and noteworthy

wine bars and sharing that information with my readers, forced me

to get out of my comfort zone and venture out to places unknown to

me yet. A treasure hunt of sorts. So in keeping with that theme, here
is my latest favorite hidden jewel in the Clear Lake Area this year.

Allegria ~ A name chosen from a Bon Apetite' magazine because the

proprietor, Suzanne Streeman, liked the way it sounded. To those that

know their Italian, it means “Happiness”. She got it right either way.

Behind the unassuming facade of a small shopping center is where you

will find this little gem tucked away, at 15210 Hwy 3 in Webster, Tx.

Thankfully, this is the only commercial aspect of Allegria. Once you

walk through the front door, its as if you stepped into a portal that

somehow transported you to old New Orleans. From the baroque style

fixtures and eclectic mix of furnishings, to the cozy sofa pits and jazz

instrumentals wafting throughout, this place defies the commercial

aspect so common to strip center bars.

Whether you prefer to sit at the bar and watch the huge flat screen

TV or hide away in one of the cushioned alcoves with a book and a

glass of your favorite wine, your needs are accomodated here. Getting

comfortable here is easy and seems to come naturally.

Although the wine list is not so extensive as to be pretentious, there

are ample selections in a myriad of varietals. Fully licensed by TABC,

they also serve cocktails and beer along with an appetizer menu that

changes daily.

Monthly events that are hosted here include a Murder Mystery dinner,

wine tastings, Poetry nights, BYO Steak nights and Sunday Brunches.

To keep up with the dates and times of all these events, check the website

at frequently. I plan on checking them all out!

And if you have no plans for New Years eve as of yet, there is still time

to RSVP here. A sumptuous buffet and champagne are included in the

$20 per person fee and a live DJ will be playing your favorite tunes.

Whether you bring friends or come and make some new ones, this will

be a wonderful way to ring the New Year in!


  • Sophia 5 years ago

    This place is amazing. From the hansome bartenders to the elegant owner this place is one of a kind. From the moment we walked through the door we felt a spirit of welcoming happiness that we have never felt at any wine lounge. I would recommand Allegria to any and everyone. Weither your looking for a nice glass of wine, a smooth cocktail or a freshing beer this is the place to get it.

  • Ryan 5 years ago

    I loved this place. Great daily happy hour. Your missing out if u haven't been

  • Darlene 5 years ago

    I was a guest and taken here. I didn't know what to expect but was surprised at the casual atmosphere and frendliness of all. It was a nice change from the noisey clammer of some places I have been. I will remember my visit here with fondness. I enjoyed it very much.

  • fredrick 5 years ago

    Best martini's in the clear lake area, I had a blast here, from the friendly staff to all the friendly patron's this place has a warm homie feel to it. I went in for one drink and stayed till close. Stop bye this place, its a most visit