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Latest Toronto ruling on E-Cigarettes suggests governments are all about revenue

On Monday, the Toronto City Council voted 36 to 2 in favor of a Board of Health recommendation to prohibit the utilization of e-cigarettes in all of City of Toronto workplaces. The Board is also urging the provincial government to amend its Smoke-Free Ontario Act to ban e-cig usage wherever cigarettes are prohibited and ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

The city of Toronto isn’t the only Canadian government working to combat e-cigs. Numerous cities and provinces are passing legislation and approving amendments to laws and legal measures that effectively limit the use of e-cigs. Other American cities and states as well as European entities are following suit by imposing high taxes on these products.

Equating e-cigs to regular tobacco cigarettes is establishing a terrible precedent. It also suggests that governments don’t care about the health of its citizens and don’t want any competition for tobacco companies because it means diminished coffers. Indeed, it’s all about the revenues it can get.

There have been various reports and testimonials from tens of thousands of consumers purporting the benefits of e-cigs and how it helped them quit smoking cancer sticks. How? Well, these are battery-operated devices that mimic smoking and heats up liquid into a vapor and don’t contain the astronomical harmful ingredients that come in a conventional pack of cigarettes.

Health officials and governments present the case that e-cigs can act as a gateway to tobacco cigarettes or may be just as harmful – the same tiresome concept used for marijuana. However, anyone who understands the motives of governments and their crooked representatives can see that they care only about one thing: revenues.

Governments all over the world fill their coffers with billions of dollars from tobacco revenues. Meanwhile, their lord and masters in the tobacco industry are likely pulling the strings and recommending legislators to limit the growth of e-cig usage. Perhaps they also fear that the free market will kill off smoking for good, an initiative that the government has failed at after all of these years as hundreds of millions of people worldwide still die each year from tobacco.

In a surprise move, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Asian, Australian, European and North American scientists are urging governments in a letter to not classify e-cigs as tobacco products, averring that these devices can actually help fight tobacco smoking.

“These products could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century — perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives. The urge to control and suppress them as tobacco products should be resisted," the experts wrote.

As history has dictated time and again, governments and its cohorts don’t care about you.

The logic of officials is also faulty. The standard argument put forward by governments and health organizations is that e-cigs aren’t regulated. However, the ingredients inside e-cigs are already regulated in Canada by the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations of 2001.

As Economic Collapse News opines:

“...the government is definitely killing its own citizens by banning e-cigs or applying astronomical taxes to make a healthy alternative unaffordable. In years to come, e-cigs could very well help millions of Americans and Canadians quit.”

Next time you see a politician talking about restricting e-cigs, blow some vapor in his face.

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