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Latest TCM Film Festival 2014 announcement thrills fans

TCM Co-host Ben Mankiewicz and Examiner journalist Christy Putnam outside Club TCM
TCM Co-host Ben Mankiewicz and Examiner journalist Christy Putnam outside Club TCM
Emberly Ransom

The recent Turner Classic Film Festival 2014 announcement on Thursday, March 13, concerning Club TCM events has fans commenting about the schedule, sharing photos of different pass levels on Facebook, and deciding which events to attend.

Houstonian Kathy Freeman McCabe enjoys "seeing the stars, their chemistry with each other and their genuine affection when celebrities talk about their classic film experiences." Her enthusiasm for the Turner Classic Film Festivals reveals that she feels that "There's no other forum where non-LA or non-NY folks get to see classic stars, directors, writers, and conductors talk about their passions and triumphs. ALL in one place!" Her favorite club TCM event are the home movies of classic film stars. In April, she is looking forward to the Hitchcock reels.

Coloradan Ray Lane, who has attended all the TCM Film Festivals, is happy that "the month long dry spell of information about the festival is coming to an end," and Lane couldn't be happier with the announcement for the schedule of Club TCM. After reviewing the events, Lane is still not sure which panel he is most interested in attending, but currently he is "leaning towards the 'Sons of God and Monsters' and 'Inspired by the Classics. But who knows? Tomorrow I might make a completely different choice." Lane is a member of the non-profit Film Noir Foundation, and is also looking forward to seeing Eddie Muller, film historian, President of the Film Noir Foundation, and recently announced additional TCM host, at festival events as Muller will be interviewing director William Friedkin.

Potomac, Maryland, fan Dawn Yardeni, a project manager for the federal government, is also enthusiastic about the latest announcement from TCM headquarters in Atlanta, and states that "What I love about the panels in Club TCM is the intimacy of the venue." Yardeni feels "It's like I'm in Robert Osborne's living room with him and his friends - and it's live, not on television. It seems like the guests feels that way, too!" Celebrity enthusiasm for the event is also apparent to Yardeni who believes that "they are so engaged and happy to be there. They tell us things no other audience is going to hear."

Seattle businessman and blogger about Route 66, David Krause, is fond of horror films, and he remembers a childhood experience that enriches his festival excitement. Krause's memories of watching "spooky films" as a child enhances his enjoyment of Club TCM events because his home was set deep in the woods where "no one could hear you scream." Family activities included "huddling around the t.v. to watch Universal horror movies late into the night. the room filled with creaking and groaning sounds from the huge oak tree that grew through my bedroom, which always moved with the slightest wind." His suspense would increase "when one of us needed to get a drink, and we’d have to walk down a long, dark hallway to reach the kitchen, which seemed to float in the woods because it was constructed with floor-to-ceiling glass panels on three sides. Silhouettes of trees loomed against the moonlit sky. We knew that someone, anyone, could be lurking out there, watching and waiting." Events at the TCM Film Festival help Krause reminisce and when he first heard LA makeup artist Rick Baker a few years ago discussing special effects make-up on TCM during a program highlighting make-up in the movies, he decided to attend the Club TCM panel with Baker in 2014. "Baker's passion for those Universal Horror films brought back so many fond, if scary, memories for me," revealed Krause, and he's "looking forward to hearing Baker in a more in-depth discussion about those Universal classics with Joe Dante at the new festival venue, The Hollywood Museum. It’s like watching TCM, but better!"

TCM Co-host Ben Mankiewicz is amazed at how fans react to the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival, and reveals that "I can't believe it's been five years since the first festival in 2010." The best part of each festival for Mankiewicz is "interacting with fans of classic film. TCM's fans are incredibly loyal, and exceptional. No other network has fans like this." Fans of Turner Classic Movies' popular cable channel accept that TCM has been entrusted with protecting classic film and that TCM has tremendous respect for Classic Hollywood, especially since all films are shown with no commercial interruption. Mankiewicz is optimistic about the new television renaissance with programs like Breaking Bad, True Detective, House of Cards, and The Americans, but also claims that fans of shows like Breaking Bad or House of Cards don't feel the need to protect cable channels like AMC, HBO, FX or Netflix because "they don't seem to have such noble defenders."

The Turner Classic Film Festival begins Thursday, April 10, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California, and continues until Sunday, April 13.

Photo Caption: TCM Co-host Ben Mankiewicz and Examiner Journalist Christy Putnam outside Club TCM in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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