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Latest on Sarah and Gerald's Hermes bag issue and Andi Eigenmann's pregnancy

andi eigenmann and jake ejercito
andi eigenmann and jake ejercito
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The absense of Sarah Geronimo in local showbiz was not a big issue but definitely her followers missed the popstar princess' so much especially on asap rocks because they wanted to see her performing on stage and it brings a lot of excitement to them.

The latest rumors and issues are circulating that Gerald Anderson, Sarah's leading man in their movie Catch me i'm in Love which was shown few months ago bought an Hermes Bag for Sarah though it is not the popstar princess's birthday. Gerald wanted to give it to her but the real score for the million peso Hermes Bag issue is not clear, people are asking why Gerald Anderson bought this kind of expensive gift considering that they are not into a relationship. What do you think? Is there something between them?

While Sarah and Gerald's Hermes Bag is still hot, Andi Eigenmann's pregnancy is also on top of the lists when it comes to trending and searching here in the internet world. There were denials regarding the real father of Andi's unborn child, in fact, Jake Ejercito denies the allegation that he is the father of Andi's baby.

Jake Ejercito, son of the former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada to Laarni Enriquez also denied that he was the first boyfriend of Andi Eigenmann but Andi's camp stated that they do not want to see the real father of the baby, in fact Jacklyn Jose, the mother of Andi, also stated that whoever the real father of the baby is, they will continue to support Andi because they love her so much and having a baby is a blessing from god, she added.