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Latest Hudson Valley Bigfoot findings to be presented

Bigfoot researcher Gayle Beatty has become intent on documenting everything she can about possible Sasquatch activity in the Hudson Valley. To that end, she and fellow researchers have begun using camera and video far more extensively to capture the sights, sounds, natural environments and accounts of Bigfoot encounters in Dutchess and surrounding upstate New York counties.

Buttercup Sanctuary, a wildlife preserve in northern Dutchess Co, NY is a site that has yielded evidence of Sasquatch
courtesy Gayle Beatty

One woman's genuine obsession has become an ever more organized venture, now numbering a good half dozen investigators, who assist in various ways. All are part time, since they have to work at other occupations. Some, like Gayle, do field research, documenting and casting footprints, and go in search of signs and sounds of Sasquatch activity. Gayle also does the bulk of interviews with witness about their possible Bigfoot encounters.

Others assist by helping out with publicity and graphics, research, further paranormal investigations and pointing experiencers in Gayle's direction. All in all, it's become a much larger enterprise just in the last year. What started out a single event, that Gayle was a bit nervous about, has evolved into a relatively large production with more findings and experiences to be shared every 2-3 months. The public is definitely interested and every presentation brings more encounters and witnesses to the attention of the researchers.

Out of her own pocket Gayle has financed t-shirts, stickers for the group and others who might be interested, and has invested considerably in time, electronics, and a steadily expanding library for research purposes. According to Gayle, interacting with others who have been investigating Sasquatch for some time has been very helpful and, in this, social media has been invaluable.

In June, BRHV (Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley), was able to gather quite a crowd at the Town Hall in Redhook, NY. Almost 60 people showed up for presentations that featured the history and lore of Sasquatch among native peoples in North America, the paranormal aspects of Bigfoot, as detailed by psychic Johnny Angel, and the latest physical, photo and video evidence that BRHV field researchers have been able gather.

The Town Hall presentation was also the setting for the beginning of a documentary that filmmaker, John Mattiuzzi, has begun about Gayle's efforts to find definitive evidence of this Hudson Valley cryptid. Mattiuzzi, a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and a Brooklyn native, won the Student's Academy Award in 2013 for his short alternative film, The Compositor.

The next presentation, which will feature the latest documented evidence of Sasquatch, especially that which has been collected from the Buttercup wildlife preserve, will be held at the Enchanted Cafe in Red Hook, August 30, at 7p. It is generally recommended that you get there early because seating is limited.

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