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Latest health care reform retains help for Louisiana

American voices
American voices
AP Photo/Paul Beaty

It seems that if any of us were to take the House and Senate bills, merge the two with the most costly provisions, we would end up with the latest bill on the table now being beaten like a dead horse.  There is no doubt that change in the health care system is needed but the quality and quantity of that change has to be controlled for it to be effective and successful.  Clearly broad all-encompassing reform is not necessary nor is it manageable.  It has been suggested that smaller bills dealing with specific issues such as just Medicare and Medicaid, only insurance premium caps and provisions, and the like taken on one at a time would make much more sense and be more readily passed in true bipartisan fashion. 

For Louisiana the latest bill on the table still contains a provision pushed by Senator Mary Landrieu protecting the state from a significant drop in federal Medicaid funds, extending assistance in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Written by Landrieu and other legislators, the provision also currently helps North Dakota and Hawaii as it provides for assistance in any state having faced a major disaster in the past seven years. You can read the latest on health care reform from Senator Landrieu here.

There are hundreds of articles and other resources out there about health care reform.  Reading just a few can lead you into a profound state of confusion.  If you want to scour over various sources of information here is a great article to get you started - Health Reform: An Online Guide by Timothy Noah offers a comprehensive page of MANY links. Finding a neutral presentation is nearly impossible other than the text of the bill itself which you can find here.  If you are firmly against the current health care reform bill then you may be interested in this site - Patients First.