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Latest gun control laws are doomed to fail

Evil is. It's part of human nature. It cannot be changed or removed from the equation. Evil can only be punished, and therin lies the ultimately immutable contradiction which lies at the center of liberal/socialist/Democratic (LSD) ideology, or at least one of them. The LSDs do not recognize that evil is, and are not willing to confront, let alone punish it.

Instead, the LSDs go after those who obey the law. The calls for more "strict" gun control in the wake of the horror at Sandy Hook are as predictable as the sun's rising in the east. To emphasize their determination to blame law-abiding gun owners for what happened, the Journal News published the names and addresses of legal pistol permit holders along with an online map with directions.

Never mind that, depending on who you talk to, there are somewhere between 300 and 20,000 gun control laws already on the books, not one of which stopped the shooter from carrying out the crime.

Never mind that, by publishing the names of those permit holders, the paper inadvertently gave up the addresses of those who may or may not own a gun. The Law of Unintended Consequences, perhaps?

Every year, despite the existence of how ever many of those laws, there are more than 12,000 murders and 66,000 non-fatal shootings committed by people (i.e. convicted criminals or those with a known history of mental illness) who have no legal right to own a gun, or even have access to one. In other words, the laws were ignored. Yet, the LSD solution, when they aren't posting "Gun Free Zone" signs, is to legislate still another gun control law that criminals or the mentally unstable will also conveniently ignore.

What? The necessary votes to pass the legislation are not there? Ok, have the President issue an executive order. It will carry the same force of law as if it had passed through the Congress with unanimous approval. The Constitution? What of it? This is for the children.

At the core of LSD ideology is the laughable notion that Man is inherently "perfectable." But only an LSD is capable of guiding the transformation. This must be the reason that the criminal always deserves "the benefit of the doubt." He was born in poverty. He was sexually abused as a child. He has the IQ of a 6-year old.

For the LSD, there is always a "root cause" for criminal behavior. "Sure, he killed 20 kids, but deep down, he's a good person. He doesn't deserve the death penalty because it wasn't his fault. It's those darned gun-owners. All 70-80 million of them. There should have been a law..."

What never seems to occur to the LSDs is that every individual on the planet has his own vision of "perfection." No two ideas are exactly alike. Even amongst LSDs, at some point their individual concepts must logically come to a parting of the ways.

Ironically, the LSDs already have in their hands the one thing closest to perfection that Man can conceive. They live in the greatest country in the history of the world, one dedicated as no other before it to the proposition that, as Abraham Lincoln noted, all men are created equal.

What they have in their hands is liberty. That the Founding Fathers agreed that liberty comes from God and guaranteed the concept in the U.S. Constitution is somehow lost on them. It isn't enough. Like emotional teenagers blaming their parents for their "miserable lives," so do they blame America for the problems of the world.

Yet, evil is. If there is a "root cause" for criminal behavior, that's it. As "inherently good" as Man may be, he is "equally evil." Most of us know the difference. We have the power to reason, and the free will to choose between good and evil. The LSDs think that most of us are too stupid to choose.

The murder of children is the most despicable crime of all. But blaming 70-80 million gun-owners and turning them into criminals over it is no way to deal with it or any other crime. If that's the goal that the LSDs are working toward, and it is, then the only logical solution is to disarm those 70-80 million gun-owners. Not a very practical solution, but let them dream.

The only plausible way to fight crime is to punish the criminal. Harshly and to the fullest extent of the law. Sending rapists and murderers and others like them to prison shouldn't be like sending a stubborn child to his room because he needs a timeout. Put him to a place that he won't ever want to return to if he's ever fortunate enough to be released.

Make him serve every day of his sentence up to the last second. Life means that "You're going to die in prison." Take away the color TV and gym priveleges. Serve army chow. Put a slegehammer in his hand and show him the rock pile. Tell him that his job is to turn those big rocks into little ones unless he'd rather clean toilets...

If the crime is heinous enough, and guilt is proven beyond a doubt, carry out the death penalty. Quickly. Efficiently. Without worry over whether or not it's "a deterrent." It's a punishment. He won't be getting up out of the ground to murder again.

Besides, if the death penalty is no deterrent, why is another gun control law? The LSD argument doesn't hold water.


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