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Latest global warming lie shows ignorance

Last week the news was abuzz about the latest "consensus" about global warming.    Supposedly 300 scientists reaffirmed that global warming is happening.

Suspicion was immediate when some things were NOT mentioned.

1. How much was this alleged global warming ?

2. What was the cause ?

3. What was the source of this latest affirmation of global warming ?

4. Was it significant ?

The fact is, over the past 100 years, this "study" showed that the temperature went up by about 1 degree.

The study did not comment on the cause.

The study claimed that it was significant but did not establish this.

The fact is that global warming, the greatest crises ever supposedly added only a single degree - 1 degree - in the past 100 years. The fat is that since the ice age, of course, the earth has been getting warmer. The cause was not, could not, be attributed to man;  but ithat was implied.  The 1 degree over a century is not statistically significant.  ANY real Science study would include some statistical significance analysis. This one did not; therefore it is not scientific. Any and every natural measurement is subject to statistical fluctuations.  Of course temperatures will fluctuate.  If it is significant is the scientific question of importance.  1 degree, is insignificant.  I need not prove this since the report did not bother to mention it, the proof is in common sense.  1 degree up or down, based on common experience, is irrelevant.

Most "climatologists" have never studied Statistics nor Astronomy.  I have.  I have a BS in Physics and Astronomy and an MBA in Finance.  I am well versed in both areas.  But most people would clearly recognize a 1 degree change as being nothing.  In academic terms, it is statistically insignificant; that is a fact.  During other period of Earth history in the past 10,000 years (which is recent), the global temperature has gone up and down FAR more than 1 degree in a century.

The cherry picked data showed 4 stations that showed an increase in temperature.  According to NASA's land based temperature stations,I can find 100 others that show declining temperatures during the same period and the raw Climactic Research Unit (CRU) data itself shows a "decline" in temperature during the past decade.  This study does not bother mentioning this data.  The fact is, they are picking the facts that support their fraud and ignoring anything that contradicts it.  This is not real Science.  Real Science examines ALL the facts.

Interestingly, the study discusses only the Arctic ice extent reduction but does not bother to mention the corresponding Antarctic ice extent expansion.  This reduction/expansion is explained by "Precession", the movement of Earth on its axis.  But climatologists never study Astronomy and are completely unaware of this fundamental element of nature.

Incredibly, every major news source, including the Wall Street Journal, reported this as a significant story without question.

The alleged study is further proof that global warming is a fraud.  Worse, it exposes basic ignorance of Statistics and Astronomy on part of the so-called Scientists who are taking advantage of the general public ignorance in these areas.


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