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Latest Gary Reilly launch by Running Meter Press: Saturday at Broadway Book Mall

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Tomorrow the friends and posthumous publishers of late Denver author Gary Reilly will hold their second launch event for Reilly's military trilogy, The Enlisted Men's Club.

The Enlisted Men's Club launch event
Where: Broadway Book Mall
When: Saturday, June 28, 2:00 p.m.

During his life, Gary Reilly evinced almost no interest in publishing. He took graduate courses in creative writing, earned high praise from his instructors and fellow students, and quietly and with great discipline wrote more than twenty novels before his death at age 61. In all that time, he published perhaps a single short story and "would occasionally send out a query to a publisher, complete with self-addressed envelope." His novels never saw the light of day on their printed pages.

In the years since his death, that has changed. His friends, author Mark Stevens and cartoonist Mike Keefe, at the behest of Reilly's will, created Running Meter Press specifically to publish these long-neglected works. Since the middle of 2012 they've been bringing out a new novel or two every few months. They began with the 11-book Asphalt Warrior series, starring a character very much like Reilly himself: a wise-cracking, self-deprecating Denver-based taxi driver who can't seem to avoid getting caught up in the lives and concerns of his fares. Five of those books are out already and available for purchase at Tattered Cover.

Saturday, Stevens and Keefe will be at the Broadway Book Mall to present the first book in a very different trilogy. Where The Asphalt Warrior is comic, The Enlisted Men's Club is somber, portraying a soldier waiting to be shipped off to the Vietnam War. The story draws from Reilly's own experience as a veteran, and has drawn praise from other veterans for its "deeply true and convincing portrait."

Stevens and Keefe will read from the book and share stories about their departed friend. And if we're lucky, Nina and Ron of the Book Mall tell us, "local historian and rollicking raconteur" Dennis Gallagher may also drop by to do some reading. You won't want to miss this unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with one of Denver's unique literary legends.