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Latest Fitness Wearable: The Lumafit


We’ve read and seen many articles and news programs about the latest in fitness tech. Most today come in the form of smartphone apps, smartwatches, or wristband trackers. From the Fitbit to the Pebble Watch, they all are offering their owners a chance to monitor their health and record their fitness progress.

The Lumafit is the latest wearable to enter the fitness market. And this one takes a step further and becomes what some have dubbed a “hearable.” Rather than track motion of the wrist, the Lumafit tracks head motion. It is extremely light and is worn behind the ear. There’s a small clip that attaches to the person’s earlobe.

Lumafit will track and rate cardio workouts and other exercises such as pushups, crunches, squats and lunges. In addition, the device is able to monitor heart rate, exercise pace and the overall calorie burn rate.

Utilizing a 3-axis accelerometer to monitor and measure the person’s head motion, it can sense what type of work out is taking place. Its high-tech light sensors measure the heart rate via the change in oxygenated hemoglobin using an optical light sensor. Hemoglobin absorbs light when it is oxygenated, allowing the Lumafit to record current heart rate.

There are three apps that come with the device. On is the Gym Tracker what can record activity in a gym. The next is the Home Fitness app that plays back bootcamp sessions designed to burn calories in 20 minutes. Finally, there is the Yoga Breathing app to aid users in winding down and relaxing via a 10 minute interactive breathing session.

Currently in a Kickstarter campaign, early supporters can nab a Lumafit for $79 and receive the hearable sometime in October of 2014. The Kickstarter campaign ends on the 7th of June.

--- Kevin Feather