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Latest 'Battlefield 4' bug puts up an invisible shield over dying players

Battlefield 4” has already gained notoriety for one of the buggiest releases of a major AAA game in recent memory. YouTuber Jack Frags discovered and shared another significant bug Sunday that effectively puts an invisible shield up in front of fallen bodies in the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC shooter that even blocks tank shells.

Dubbed “The Death Shield”, the bug is actually quite significant as it effectively puts up a shield between that prevents players from being hit and potentially causes the death of another. This is caused because the hitbox of a player still remains when they are killed but still in a revivable state. This causes RPGs, grenades, tanks shells, etc. to bounce off or explode at the area where the downed player would normally be standing.

Not only does this glitch protect the target of the shot but it is potentially dangerous to the one firing the shot as well. RPGs may explode in the shooter’s face or grenades may bounce back in the same area despite in-game animation showing that they are dribbling past the intended target.

Bullets may be a different matter though as Jack Frag’s experiements did not consistently prove that bullets were being blocked. It may be that the game is detecting that the bullets are penetrating and going through the hitbox shield as sometimes happens with live players.

Aside from a somewhat hilarious video of a player surviving a direct shot from a tank, this can also lead to problems in the narrow passageways and choke points in the game. If one player falls, now players on either side will seemingly fire at each other and potentially have explosives bounce back at them in confined spaces.

“Battlefield 4” players have complained of bad netcode and hit detection since the game was released last October. It is entirely possible that this previously undetected glitch significantly contributed to those complaints.

DICE QA Project Lead Jacub Ajmal did say that the studio will look into it on Twitter. However, this is the latest in a long of issues with “Battlefield 4” that saw DLC delayed for the game while the developer released multiple patches to get it in a playable state.

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