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Latest details caught on video about alleged mass murderer Elliott Rodger

A twenty-two year old shocked the UC Santa Barbara college campus community of Isla Vista, California, just outside the resort town of Santa Barbara, with a shooting rampage that left six people dead and 13 injured. Attached is the one of the latest videos about the troubled man.

Students gather at UC Santa Barbara for a late nigjt vigil
Photo by Spencer Weiner/Getty Images

If you missed the story here's a brief summary:

Eliot Rodger, armed with semi-automatics and a drive to get 'revenge' for what he deemed mostly slights by women, attached his three dorm mates with a knife and then headed out on a killing spree by car until he was either gunned down or shot himself (the jury's still out on this but he definitely died of bullet wounds). Rodger posted threatening messages on blogs and YouTube saying he wanted to get “revenge”.

According to all the news sources this Examiner has been viewing, listening to and reading, “Elliot Rodge was identified by his father Peter Rodger, through attorney Alan Schifman as the shooter.” The father was the assistant director for one of the “Hunger Games” films. One of the Rodger’s postings said, "Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men but never to me.

Many details are still emerging about the case on news sites such as,0,3057353.story and more.

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