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Late Night on East 7th Street

the cornholiest
the cornholiest

Kennedy’s Premium Bar and Grill
366 North Caswell Road
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 375-0218

Philosopher’s Stone Tavern
1958 East 7th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 350-1331

Jackalope Jacks
1936 East 7th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 347-1918

On a late Saturday night after carousing around the Metropolitan area (formerly known as Midtown), my friend and I decided to drive back down 7th street to the Elizabeth area and amble around the neighborhood. We pulled into the 1900 block of East 7th Street, an area in which a few pubs and taverns still showed some late-night activity. We eventually found some parking and began to explore. We first walked past Kennedy’s Bar and Grill, which sits on the corner of North Caswell and East 7th Street. As this is primarily a dinner spot, there was not much going on by the time we arrived (around midnight). However, their kitchen is open until 2AM and the food comes highly recommended. Had we not previously eaten, ordering food there would have been a viable option. With that in mind, we proceeded to the Philosopher’s Stone and ordered some beers. A band was setting up to play their last set as a few people were milling around, mostly outside on the deck in unconnected hip-style clusters. Lot's of floppy hats, denim, flannel, kitsch T-shirts and exotic cigarettes. After having a brew there we walked next door to Jackelope Jacks. The crowd was diverse, as per usual, with an even mixture of frat-bro (or broaster), Jr. Bar fly, urban outfitter denizen, hip-hop poser and assorted other generic picnic variety style co-eds. They were hosting Karaoke, which was entertaining based on the song selections alone. Have you ever heard a biker thug belt out a folk ballad? Then you're in for a treat. Mostly everyone was drinking beer, the hearty kind, both men and women alike. Just a heads up for the ladies; lots of lager beer plus a peasant-top equals you being easily mistaken for maternity. At least with a muffin top we know where you stand; delusional. But sporting a for real beer-baby is just confusing. Otherwise the peasant-top is a good idea. (I like fluffy, squeezable women, just not in the form of a popped can of biscuits. Wear loose, flowing garments shug)

There was lots of Cornhole was being played outside (it's a game, not the other thing) and it was a relatively pleasant yet warm early morning. We stayed for one round at Jack's and then headed back to Philosophers Stone to check out the band. They were a southern rock cover band, and some of their supporters had gathered to watch the last set. They featured a conga player which I though was odd but a nice change of pace. A bit of that old style. We grabbed a table outside near the ping-pong table and chatted up a few ladies for a while. They were telling us about a lime shortage due to South American cartels hijacking those oh-so lucrative lime trade shipments. This prompted us in reply (being comedians) to get in on that ridiculousness. "Juwe got the limes, maing?" I said. "Juwe got the monie, maing?" My friend replied. "Show me the limes maing, I show you the monie maing!" that type of thing. By last call, everyone had pretty much called it a night. I think the peak flow for this block is from about 10PM to 1AM. There may be additional parking somewhere nearby. You may want to call and ask them prior to heading out. All 3 bars kitchens are open until 2AM which is nice to know. All 3 have at least two main bar areas, a good selection of local beers and they all book live music regularly. Check out their respective websites for a calendar of events. If you live near the Elizabeth area and enjoy the local scene, or if you enjoy getting hammered around lots of friendly, urban skate-lumberjack looking strangers, by all means check it out. You can’t miss.