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Last Weekend for Anna in the Darkness dramatic play

Last weekend to see play
Last weekend to see play

Writer-director Jeremy Menekseoglu’s play Anna, in the darkness is closing this weekend. Last chance to get spooked with the best of them if you like jumping in your seat. Megan Merrill plays Anna.
Anna, in the darkness promises to be creepier than vampires and more horrifying than zombies. Jeremy and the cast’s goal is to make the dreary angst of terror live long in your mind and flesh as you take part in this torturous fright filled performance. An experience of this caliber brings home the crazy.
Everyone loves a good fight in a fright fest. You ever lived in a tight nit community and one person does the absolute unbelievable and the whole community turns on the person. All of a sudden you go from being the beloved to the worst person ever. You wish you could throw holy water on the crowd hoping they will all wake from their haze of hatred. Just reading the play summary you want to stand by Anna’s side.
Dream theatre brings the scary reputation of Moscow to the stages of Chicago. Theatre group has been writing, performing original stories of drama and fright since 2003 like Sequestered, Cold, The Samaritan Syndrome, Baby Killers, Slow Anna, Medea, Antigone, Ismene and Sister 121.
This play Anna in the darkness is a two week run from last weekend to this weekend. Performances through August 2, 2014 at 10 p. m. Tickets are $20 with options for half price tickets via Goldstar. All performances at the Dream Theatre located at 5026 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Next week you can look forward to seeing another performance of Madea, a tragic drama about how a wife’s choice to deal with being married to a her warps the mental stability of her children.