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Last week of skiing at most Tahoe Resorts

The ski season in Tahoe will close down on April 20th at most Tahoe resorts. There may be a weekend or two after that, but the reality is that it's just about over.

There is a lot of skiing to do, just do it early in the day.
Courtesy of Alpine Meadows PR

The only resort, as of now, that plans on putting in another week is Squaw Valley. They are projecting an April 27 closing date. There's not much that could change that date. It would take a massive snow laden storm to extend the ski season at Squaw, or anywhere else.

The season in the back country for cross country skiers is already over. There's probably a randonee or Telemark skier or two who will hike up to Elephants Back or Red Lake Peak and give it one more shot. What's likely to put those kinds of plans on hold is the ever present danger of skier caused avalanches in the current snow conditions.

There is still time to carve out some nice turns before the bullwheels quit spinning. The trick is to go early, ski through the early icy snow to better conditions about 2 hours or so later, and then call it a day. Depending on your choice of resorts, this tactic will involve differing start times in the mornings.

Typically at this time of year, especially this year, the warmer temperatures during the day are replaced by freezing temperatures in the high country. That slushy mid-day snow freezes overnight, and the next day the process repeats.

Alpine Meadows is jumping into the end of this season with glee. Their 31st annual Snow Golf Tournament will kick off at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 12. Strap on your skis and join the fun starting at the Summit.

Alpine Meadows supplies the tennis balls and clubs, score cards and rules, you provide your golfing skills and snow skills, and chase the course down hill, according to Melissa Brouse and Amelia Richmond, the PR team at Alpine and Squaw. It's best if you wear you best and wackiest golf outfit.

Last tee time is 12:30 p.m. and the entire tourney is over by 3:00 p.m. in time for the awards on the Sun Deck. Golfing in the snow is a hoot, and considering the crazy season, a bit of hilarity at the end is good.

For pass holders and anyone with a pass for the day, this event is free. Really, how can you go wrong?

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