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Last three feral puppies from litter of nine rescue

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There is a happy ending to last week’s story about the six feral puppies that were rescued from an abandoned mobile home in Oconee County, SC. Their three siblings who were left behind because they could not be found have also been rescued in the nick of time.

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The phrase “nick of time” is not an exaggeration. A concerned neighbor managed to catch the missing puppies just as the roads became impassible due to the winter weather that was pounding the upstate. Jeanne Johnson, who was involved in the rescue, was very relieved that the puppies were finally brought to safety.

“The puppy that is all muddy in my arms was hiding under a dog house in a six inch deep icy cold mud puddle. Her gums and tongue were blue when we got our hands on her,” Johnson said.

The puppies were all brought to safety with their already-rescued siblings and are at the Pet Spa near Seneca.
Because the puppies had not been handled before their rescue, volunteers are urgently needed to play with the puppies and get them used to being handled by people. On Friday, coeds from the Delta Zeta sorority at Clemson University stopped by and spent time socializing the puppies.

With nine feral puppies from this litter, and at least one more litter of puppies that need socialization, Johnson is requesting help from the community to stop by and spend some time playing with the puppies. In addition, each of the puppies will need shots and spay/neuter surgery, so a fund has been set up at the vet’s office for anyone who wishes to assist with those costs.

All nine puppies face a bright future thanks to the efforts of concerned members of the community who located and rescued the puppies, Oconee Rescue who has taken responsibility for them, and the community members who are helping support their rescue, vet care, and socialization.

This is yet another example of how a community pulls together to take care of its own pets.