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Last par 3 at River Oaks Golf Course has no water hazards

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River Oaks Golf Course’s, last, par three hole is the 17th. This hole has sand bunkers but no water hazards. (River Oaks Golf Course is at 1 Park Avenue, Calumet City, Ill.)

From the rear, Blue teeing ground, the indicated yardage to the putting green is 139 yards. One hundred thirty-three yards is the indicated yardage from the middle, White teeing ground. The indicated yardage from the front, Red teeing ground is 125 yards. This is the easiest hole at River Oaks Golf Course; it has a #17, course hole handicap.

Many amateur golfers will usually choose to drive with 7-irons or 8-irons if they are playing from the Blue teeing ground. If playing from the White teeing ground, they will likely choose 8-irons or 9-irons. From the Red teeing ground, they will likely choose 9-irons or pitching wedges.

This hole’s fairway is significantly narrower than other fairways on this course. Bushes are on the left side, left of the cart path. A fence is on the right side separating this fairway from a parking lot.

As for the hazards, there are three sand bunkers around the putting green. The one directly in front of this putting green prevents golfers from chipping onto the green. It is medium size and has an irregular shape. The bunker on the green’s, left side is medium size and somewhat resembles a flying bat’s shape. The one on the right is medium size and has an irregular shape.

The putting green somewhat resembles the shape of a fat, shelled Spanish Peanut. It is medium size. Its level is higher than the fairway. It probably has the same level that all three teeing grounds have.

The 17th hole is one of four, par three holes at River Oaks Golf Course. This hole is also the shortest, par three hole. The longest, par three hole is the third.