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Last Name in Stare, Unbeatable Videos, the Ornette Tribute, and Jazz Poems

*Poet, Bradley Last Name, the publisher of Third World Press (for more info go here .) is part of an ongoing art exhibit this month at the Hubbard Street lofts at 1821 W Hubbard this month. The show is called A Recombinant Store and it will be there all month in suite 303.

Like his poetry, Last Name’s visual art is full of visual puns and bizarre images. Some of his works reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s old pieces in which he appropriated parts of classic art pieces and mocked them. The imaginative part is creatively putting disparate sources together to make a humorous or counter cultural statement.
One of his Bradley Last Names’s most outlandishly clever pieces features a wombat looking through binoculars at a Campbell soup can and the caption reads, “A MarSUPial takes The Innocent Eye Test.” In one rather disturbing scene, an ugly man (I think the image was taking from a cannibal flip book) shows a man pouring alcohol into his own head. Finally Brad displayed a bunch of condoms and the caption reads “Don’t Bye this Kind of Bubble Gumm it Tastes Tearable.” Since I have a similar sense of humor I can’t CONDOM Brad’s unique brand of visual punnery.

All of the artists in the show are also in a book titled “Stare,” which also includes some interesting poetry in it. Other contributors included Mike Brehm, Wayne Bertola, Stan Klein, Mike Sarapata and Kevin Huotari, Jim Feast, Elaine Equi, Charlie B. Thorne, Larry Zgoda, Peter Hannan, Ric Heitzman. Jerome Sala, Dru Hardy, Jean Riordan, Elroy Christie, and the curator, Kevin Riordan.

Sala’s poem about human mannequins is a standout in the book and his books can be found here His wife Elaine Equi’s work (Sala and her are married) is also top notch and Stare contains and her excellent parody of William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheelbarrow.” You can read more about her at i

***Attending the jazz festival this weekend put me into a jazzy frame of mind. I found this interesting jazz/poetry video on you tube which features Max Roach quintet which features a marvelous drum solo (he was a frequent collaborator of the late great Clifford Brown.) The clip also features a hilariously misguided mainstream media analysis of the beats (They are called hipsters here), and a rather enjoyable reading by Gregory Corso.
Go to

***Also of considerable camp value is this clip from The Beat Generation (1959) film which features a beat reading by former horror hostess, Vampira alias Maila Nurmi (remember her from Plan 9 from Outer Space?) which attacks parents. See To see Man Ray’s portraits of her (he paid her five bucks to pose) go to

*** There was an enormous tribute concert titled Celebrate Ornette, for the jazz master, Ornette Coleman, earlier this summer that was organized by his son, and fellow band member, Denardo Coleman. The dream lineup included Sonny Rollins (whose fame actually might excel Ornette’s), saxophonist Henry Threadgill, bassist flea (from the red hot chilli peppers), saxophonist John Zorn, violinist Laurie Anderson, saxophonist Branford Marsalis, guitarist Thurston Moore (formerly in Sonic Youth), pianist Gerri Alen, saxophonist Ravi Coltrane he played with Terrance Blanchard at the jazz fest this weekend), guitarist James Blood Ulmer, and even poet Patti Smith. Here’s a clip of Patti performing with an all-star band there. The concert was the cover feature in the July issue of Jazz Inside.

** If you enjoy writing jazz poetry and you want to get published, you may want to consider entering the following contest.

Call for submissions - LOVE YOU MADLY - Edited by Lisa Alvarado and Tara Betts

Seeking poetry for a new anthology - poets write jazz. ALL SUBMISSIONS IN WORD DOCUMENT - NO EXCEPTIONS.Submission to be done in 2 parts:1.
Contact us via email, with a note explaining your interest in the project and a selection of three artists; the editors reserve the right to make assignments. Please include a brief bio/artistic statement.
Full submission to be done once assignments are made.Each poet selected will be assigned 1 jazz artist and write 3 poems based on 3 individual songs.
Previously published work will be considered.
Compensation to be determined with the publisher.
Each poet will write a brief introductory essay no more than 500 words - about who they picked and why.
We are in the process of soliciting publishers, and will heavily assist in the marketing and promotion of the book.
Previous publication not required.
We are seeking poets who can capture the feeling of what happens in the craft and magic of a great jazz piece. Length and form open. Questions/Submissions -

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