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Last minute Valentine’s Day/weekend nails

Whether you get asked out on a last minute date by someone special, or you make a spur of the moment decision to go out with your girlfriends, a spontaneous Valentine’s celebration shouldn’t keep you from looking your best. If you want a cute, quick manicure and you can make it to the cosmetics section of your local, Target, Wal-Mart or pharmacy, Sally Hansen Salon Effects will do you justice.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects for perfect, quick Valentine's nails
Photo by Alexandra Wyman

Sally Hansen Salon Effects are the perfect go-to nail product for when you want your nails to look good in a hurry. Try the design Red My Tulips- a reverse French manicure with deep-red and neutral shimmer colors. The color combo makes it ideal for any Valentine’s celebrations but also appropriate for general, every day wear as well.

Simply size the nail strips up to your fingernails, peel away the clear protective layer, stick the strip onto your nail and use the file that comes in the pack to file away the access. You can complete this in a matter of minutes and won’t have to wait for your nails to dry.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects can help you to quickly and easily achieve fabulous nails. So instead of stressing out on not being prepared, you can celebrate fashionably.


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