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Last minute shopping for February 14

Furry cuffs are fun and elegant
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Getting ready for Valentine's Day can mean doing some serious shopping in Chicago. Perhaps you have children and give each one of them a Valentine's Day gift and like to shop at the last minute. Maybe you have a boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time in many years and are searching for the perfect card. Or, do you have a friend who had been your best friend for years? If you've fallen out of touch with him or her, you might want to send him or her a note or card with a friendly message and a photo of yourself in your favorite Valentine's Day fashion, such as a pair of red or black leggings, with a matching tunic. (Yes, black is still in! When isn't it in?)

The perfect tie might mean a silk red one with tiny white dots if you can find such a tie, to go with his white shirt and a scarf for his pocket. For those that go to work in business casual, a polo or rugby shirt from Land's End, if you can find any there in the right color, might do the trick for a boyfriend. For a daughter, son or mother, a red cashmere or merino wool sweater might work if there are any available while you do your last minute shopping. If you give her a Macy's gift card, there are restrictions regarding special sales. Spiegel always has specials and sometimes they offer bargains for shipping online. Von Maur has great deals and elegant clothes for ladies, not just from time to time, and ships for no additional cost in their local store.

Our model found the faux fur trimmed dress that was truly a bargain, so don't be surprised if you find something like that as a reduced special such as the yellow or black dot sales at Carson's. Not only do they have in store special sales, but they also have online sales, so keep your eyes open for them. You might find a beautiful designer dress, blouse, skirt or pair of slacks that could make a super gift or outfit for Valentine's Day in Chicago, like the one our model found.

So take the time, if you possibly can, to shop for bargains for this upcoming holiday. If you're looking for something special, there are plenty of fashionable clothes that you might wear or give tomorrow. When cupid strikes, have fun with it during the next holiday!

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