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Last minute Mother's Day gift ideas 2014: Gifts to grab on the way to visit mom

Last minute Mother's Day gifts 2014: Gifts that are easy, quick and cost little to nothing!
Last minute Mother's Day gifts 2014: Gifts that are easy, quick and cost little to nothing!
'Leave it to Beaver' archives/ Wikimedia Commons

It’s Mother’s Day and your busy schedule has left you without a Mother’s Day gift for mom on Sunday. It’s not that you didn’t have the time to stop and pick up flowers or candy, it’s just that you wanted to be more creative than the traditional standby and show mom some thought went into her gift this year.

Now with hours or just minutes left before you go to visit your mom, you have nothing tangible to give her, so what do you do? According to Mashable on May 10, you don’t have to sweat it. That perfect gift for mom may already be within arm’s reach from your closet at home or waiting for you at a corner drug store or grocery store.

If you are on a budget and money is tight, then there are a few gifts that will only cost you a little-bit of your time, suggests IB Times today.

For the mom who loves coffee:

Swing by your nearest pharmacy or grocery store and first pick out a medium size decorative gift bag. Fill this with specialty coffees, as most grocery stores today have an elaborate offering of designer coffees. Whether your mom uses a drip coffee maker or one of the newer coffee machines that makes a cup at a time like the Keurig coffee maker, there's plenty to choose from. Pick out a few different types of coffee to add to the bag.

Next pick out a couple of coffee mugs, most pharmacies and grocery stores have a kitchen gadget section that offers an array of mugs. Throw in some of your mom’s favorite cookies from her childhood like Lorna Doone Shortbread or Pepperidge Farm cookies, which come in dozens of varieties. If your mom likes Biscotti, then pick out a couple of varieties of this favorite snack to have with coffee for your mom.

Depending on how much you want to spend for this gift, you can also include a coffee scooper, a package of “to-go” disposable coffee cups, a thermal “to-go” coffee cup for the car, a bestselling paperback book to read with her coffee, slippers for comfort with her coffee, sugar packets and one of those specialty creamers.

A jar of goodness for mom:

This very special gift is great for your kids to make in a few minutes time for their mom or their grandmother. All you need is a mason canning jar and a piece of plain letter-size paper cut into 10 strips. On each strip of paper have the kids write “One thing I love about you” and have them fill in what that is. Then fold up the paper and toss them in the jar.

Grandmothers will especially enjoy opening a jar that offers 10 things the kids love about them. This can range from her great chocolate-chip cookies to the way she makes them feel when they first walk in the house. This will be a gift any mom will treasure forever.

Put a bow on the Mason jar and either put a sticker or glue a piece of paper to the top and write “10 Things I (We) Love about You Mom (Grandma). You can put this in a gift bag or use wrapping paper for this special gift.

For the mom who loves lottery:

This simple gift starts off with a few scratch tickets, quick-pick daily numbers ticket and a quick-pick Megabucks ticket in a Mother’s Day card. Grab a small gift bag and put in a magnifying glass, along with a key chain that denotes luck like a clover, dice or horse shoe.

If you have a half-dollar or a dollar coin, tape this to a piece of small cardboard and write “Mom’s Lucky Ticket Scratcher” or “Grandma’s Lucky Ticket Scratcher.” This is a gift any lottery lover will enjoy!

For the mom who loves gardening:

Pick up a large gift bag and throw in a small bag of potting soil, packets of flower seeds and several small clay flower pots. This bag is done unless you want to elaborate.

Depending on what you want to spend, here are a few other things you can add: A package of Miracle-Gro, garden gloves, a spade, a plastic spray bottle for water and a plastic place mat for mom to work on while filling the pots.

For the mom who loves to primp and relax in the tub:

The pharmacy is the perfect place to create a gift bag full of bubble bath, facials, specialty shampoo, body mist, bath pillow, bath mat, cold jell mask, oils, lotions and any other type of product your mom would use when taking a long-relaxing bath. Don’t forget to throw in a candle to top off this bath in a bag experience for mom.

Mom who loves gift cards:

Fortunately this is the era for gift cards and you can go to any grocery store or pharmacy and get mom a gift card for any restaurant or store imaginable today. You can even get a Visa or Master Card gift card so your mom can spend it anywhere.

The prepaid Visa and Master Cards make an especially useful gift for the mom who likes the shop-at-home channels on TV. All you need to do is pick up a Mother’s Day card and put a gift card inside, this is really the perfect gift for most any mom.

Give Mom a little bit of your time:

It is not the gift that makes mom’s day, it is the time that you spend with her. For those who are on a tight budget, give mom a mother’s day card and offer a Sunday drive as a gift. You can stop off for ice cream when the drive is done, much like your parents did for you when you were young.

A letter of memories for mom:

Compose a letter that goes down Memory Lane. In this letter put some of the fondest memories that you shared with mom, or your grandmother. This is a keepsake that is priceless.

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