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Last minute July Fourth landscape tips: Fourth of July landscape tips

Having your fourth of July picnic at home instead of the park? Spruce up your landscape with these tips from the Examiner.
Having your fourth of July picnic at home instead of the park? Spruce up your landscape with these tips from the Examiner.
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You have sent out the holiday celebration invitations to family and friends, decided which explosively good Fourth of July food menu items to serve when they arrive, and now it is time to do a last minute checklist of the landscape where they will be entertained.

To help with this, Houzz contributor Annie Thornton released a garden guide on July 2, detailing, per region, what should be done in the landscape during the month of July. And since the big fireworks celebration is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to make those preparations now, before your guests arrive.

So who do you call to help you with these needed changes, as you just can't ask your family and friends to do chores in advance of the big event? If it is a lighting issue and you live in Georgia or the surrounding Southeast area, call The Outdoor Lights. After all, if they are good enough for Vince Dooley, you can count on them to keep your residential lawn well-lit and operational on July Fourth and the rest of the summer evenings you will be entertaining outdoors.

If you need some type of focal point in the landscape, something to get your guests talking, you might want to purchase a garden sculpture, which can be put in place fairly quickly if you have a sculptor like Carl Peverall, who recently unveiled his latest creation--The Mentor, at the Dargan Dovecote Porch in Cashiers, N.C.

If you need any major landscaping needs met then you have waited too long to get them done before the upcoming Independence Day celebration. But that should not stop you from tending to this issue as soon as the festivities are over this weekend.

And what better company to handle this for you then the internationally known and licensed Dargan Landscape Architects Hugh and Mary Palmer Dargan. After all, these two have decades of experience in the field and create such masterpieces in the landscape that their gardens have been featured on HGTV's Ground Breakers and in the pages of magazines like Architectural Digest.

In the meantime, Houzz writer Annie Thornton offers some great tips you can use in advance of July Fourth celebrations, like making sure to water the plants you already have in the landscape, so they don't look dried out and dead when your guests arrive. And you can always add some last minute pots of colorful blooms to adorn the patio or deck, until the Dargans can show up and transform your property more completely.

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