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Last minute inexpensive eco-friendly gift ideas to find in Houston

Houston customers still struggling to find gifts for their loved ones, friends or coworkers need not to struggle. Inexpensive and eco-friendly gifts can be found at any local Houston resale, antique, thrift, second hand or consignment store.

Gently Used Books
A good gently used book from a used bookstore is an easy last minute but thoughtful gift. Used books can be found at any Half Price book store or at Once and Again New and Used Books. Used books stores sell a variety of books for anyone in the family.

Custom Jewelry and Accessories
Custom jewelry and accessories can often be found at charity resale shops (profits go to people in need): such as NAM (North Assistance Ministries) SAM (Spring Assistance Ministries) Goodwill or Salvation Army. The jewelry is in good condition and is often in display near or at the cash register area. The hats are more often than not placed near the ties or shoes. Other accessories such as: gently used ties, belts and purses can be found on coat racks near other clothing items. Custom jewelry can also be found at any woman’s clothing resale shop

Knick Knacks and Household Items
Household décor, figurines, small pieces of furniture, picnic baskets, crafting material (embroidery loops, knitting hooks, yarn, quilting fabric), decorative shelves and cabinets can easily be found at antiques stores, furniture resale shops, charity resale, second hands stores, or thrift stores.

Wrap It Up
Also at most of the location listed above gently used gift bags, gift baskets, holiday cookie or candy tins can also be found at a very inexpensive prices. Also because of the holidays many of these items are on sale or can be bargained down in price.

Save Gas and Map it Out
For a detailed map of a variety of stores in the Houston area Houston customers can search online at, click on the Houston maps and type in the key search terms: local resale, antique, thrift, second hand or consignment store for a long list of possibilities.