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Last-minute ideas for an unforgettable Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Mother’s Day comes once a year which is why it should be a special, unforgettable day. Forget the same “favorite restaurant” routine or morning brunch after spa manicures and pedicures – do this on your own special day. Mother’s Day is about getting to know the girl before she was your mom. It’s about letting her reveal what she thinks about the world through her passionate and creative side.

Set up a painting session for you and your mom. Purchase small to medium-size canvases and a paint starter kit at a craft store. It’s better to do this yourself rather than paying for a paint-and-wine session with strangers. Invite other mothers and create an intimate Mother’s Day gathering and choose a theme that will tie in a mother’s love or dream.

Plan a gallery crawl on Sunday or even the whole weekend. Imagine seeing art through Mom’s eyes and discussing her thoughts on the different styles and techniques of art over brunch.

Art is also found in food, and though restaurants seem a bit cliché, not to mention price gouging on Mom’s Day, pay for a food crawl. The Arts District offers a food tour called, Six Taste which can be pricey, but it is well worth it.

Surprise Mom with a jazz concert or an intimate play. The best part about bringing Mom to a stage performance is hearing her opinions afterwards.

One thing is certain; there are far better things to do rather than sitting in a restaurant, hoping that Mom is enjoying the same meal she ordered last year.

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