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Last minute halloween costume ideas so easy they'll make you scream

Is this year yet another year you waited until last minute for a costume and now your out of time? Well luckily there are some easy and economy friendly costumes you can probably make from things already have in your home. Here are our three top picks for last minute costumes.

1: Fairy; to do the fairy simply wear pastel colors and put lots of colorful glitter on your eyes and cheeks; if your really feeling into the Hallowen Spirit, wear a leotard and lace up sandals. Rat your hair out , then smooth just the top and put a big jewel clip at the crown. Next go outside and grab some fall leaves to add into your ratted up due and your good to go. If you have some wings left over from years past, throw them on too.

2: Wolfman; If you know someone (a man) who has some facial hair (it doesn't need to be a lot), have him wear an old flannel shirt, some old worn out jeans and boots, spike his hair with gel. Follow this up with some brown eyeshadow all around his eyes (top and bottom) and over the bridge to his nose, next apply some black shadow to the tip of his nose and wolfman is born.

3: Construction gone wrong; have a hard hat?  Wear a white t-shirt you don't mind getting dirty, some old painting pants and work boots. Next mix Vaseline, red food coloring, and corn syrup together in a bowl. Tuck your arm inside one of the t-shirt sleeves and have someone put the blood mixture on the "stub" of the sleeve. If you have a chain saw (non-functioning) to carry around it would be perfect (but not necessary). The Vaseline will look real, however be careful not to rub up on anyone who doesn't want to get bloodied as it wont dry and will stain.

So go out and have a great time on Halloween; and make sure you stay safe and keep your kids safe as well. Most communities post trick or treating hours for your area so check them out and make sure you bring a flashlight.