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Last minute gifts for the expectant twin mom

Pregnant women love cupcakes!
Pregnant women love cupcakes!
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We're now only 4 days away from Christmas, and you still need that gift for the mom who is expecting twins. Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration for a thoughtful gift.

Clever t-shirts - Let the twin boasting and bragging start a little early with a t-shirt that asks, "Do these twins make me look fat?" or shows a picture of two peas in a pod.

Gift cards to maternity shops - Like newborns, expectant mothers of twins or more often outgrow maternity clothes faster than they can wear them. Give her a gift card to her favorite maternity shop so she can stock up on some new items.

Pedicure/massage - Being pregnant gets uncomfortable. Being pregnant with two or more babies gets downright painful sometimes! Treat your favorite expectant twin mom to a nice, relaxing pedicure or massage.

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Homemade treats - What better excuse to eat loads of holiday goodies than being pregnant with multiple babies? Cake balls, cookies, breads, and don't forget the chocolate. Don't bake? How about a box of fresh, still warm from the oven cookies from Tiff's Treats, or a dozen cupcakes from Hey, Cupcake!

"Help" coupons - A good accompaniment to a gift is to offer your friend or family member help in the form of a coupon that she can cash in after the babies come, or even before then should she get put on bed rest. Offer to bring meals, come straighten up her house, fold her mountains of baby laundry, or even entertain any other children she may have. Bringing twins home from the hospital can be amazingly overwhelming, and she will truly appreciate the thoughtful assistance. And make sure she cashes those coupons in!

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