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Last minute Christmas ideas

Take a few minutes to learn some ideas that will save you hours and big bucks.
Take a few minutes to learn some ideas that will save you hours and big bucks.

We're coming down to the wire with Christmas preparations. As my Christmas gift to you, I've assembled a collection of how-to videos and articles filled with holiday ideas and tips that you can use right now that will save you time and money as you prepare to make your holiday celebrations merry and bright.

Take a few minutes as a gift to yourself to review them. The articles and videos are short but so chock full of ideas that it will save you tons of time and loads of money for this Christmas and holiday season and for years come.

Video: How to decorate a Christmas buffet table

This will give you tips to create levels and decorations for your Christmas buffet with holiday flair.

Video: How to make a Christmas centerpiece in under a minute

All you need are some glasses and ornaments to create a centerpiece that will sparkle and shine.

Video: How to make a Christmas cone party favor with a twist

Victorian paper cones are a traditional holiday gift and tree ornament. In this video you'll learn how to take a simple decorative Christmas tree cone and turn it into an elegant party favor and decor.

Video: New uses for Christmas garland

Who says you have to have a mantel to drape a garland. Here's a number of other areas to place a garland to help make your holiday home.

Video: How to make a Christmas floral centerpiece

With a few minutes and some easily purchased items you can make a centerpiece that will look like it came from a florist but actually came from your heart and for a lot less money.

Video: How to make a professional looking gift basket

Turn even the most inexpensive items into something special when you put it into a gift basket that looks like it was assembled by a pro for under $5.

Video: How to make Christmas candy into a gift

Inexpensive candy canes never looked as tempting or elegant.

Video: How to use flowers at Christmas besides centerpieces

Who says flowers have to limited to your centerpiece? Here's a number of ways to use seasonal flowers in unexpected ways.

Holiday decorations and celebrations with a twist

Tired of the same old holiday decorations and celebrations? Use theme decorations you likely own or can easily get to give your Christmas or New Year's party a fun and fabulous twist.

Happy Holidays!