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Last minute Christmas Guide for Beer Lovers, Part IV: The Bizarre

This motorized cooler is just one bizarre beer gift sure to bring a smile
This motorized cooler is just one bizarre beer gift sure to bring a smile

Santa Claus is coming to town and there's a beer lover on the list! Or perhaps some subtle hints need to be dropped to help someone else's shopping. In Part IV of Christmas shopping for beer lovers, we offer...

THE BIZARRE: Off-the wall beer gifts that are sure to bring a laugh to your beer lover's face.

IPhone beer cover

This is a great way to protect your expensive phone AND show off your passion for beer

Cruising Cooler

Got somewhere to go and need to bring some ice cold beer? How about this motorized cooler? Great for a short trip down the block or around the tailgate, this will start some conversations!

Remote control with bottle opener

This is two of every man's favorite things combined; the remote to the TV and a way to open a beer!

Beer belly

Every craft beer lover knows that going to the ballgame or the concert typically means no craft beer. For those that don't mind looking like they've put on a few pounds, the beer belly can carry 80 ounces (6.5-12 ounce beers) of craft beer in for you. Plus, you won't be reduced to paying $10 for light beer.

Malt bags

For those beer geeks that love to live green this is a cool little tote made from spent grains.

Beer Soap

Beer soap is a fun, cool gift that will likely put a look of puzzlement on your beer lover’s face. Beer soap? What the heck? But it really is soap, made with beer, that can be used to bathe, shave or as a shampoo.

Bottle opener cuff links

Perfect for those dressy events when you need a bottle opener! Or just a fun and functional conversation starter!

Personalized beer glasses, beer boots and more!

Sometimes you need more than a gift to say what you want to say and in those times, personalize your gift with the receiver's name or the commemoration of an event.

Crazy beer steins

For those off the wall beer geeks that want to drink out of something different. A golfing alligator?

Bacon wallet

Ok, so this isn't really a beer gift but seriously, who doesn't like bacon?? The bacon wallet is the ultimate demonstration of a bacon lover's passion for pork.

Ring thing bottle opener

Need a bottle opener but don't have one handy, even on your keychain? Look to the ring finger to save the day!

Beer holster

For the beer loving wannabe cowboy. Quick draw!

6-pack xmas ornament

Represent your love for beer on the tree with this 6-pack ornament.

Got other cool beer gift ideas? Comment below and tell us what you found! Merry Christmas!

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  • Profile picture of amalacerveza
    amalacerveza 4 years ago

    Thanks - all great ideas. This year I discovered 2 very useful iPhone apps for beer and costing only $.99 each - The Craft Beer App - and the Belgian Beer App - Lost of details and you can post your own reviews.

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