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Last-minute Christmas guide for beer lovers, part I: The basics

Making it a beery good Christmas is easy
Making it a beery good Christmas is easy
Julie Atallah

Santa Claus is coming to town in less a week and for many people, there’s still shopping that needs to be done.

Of course some people see that as four days before it’s time to really get started with their Christmas shopping, but for those who are ready to get the list checked off and still have a beer lover to shop for or perhaps know that their name is on someone else’s list, here are some great gift ideas broken down into the basics, the bodacious, the biggies and even the bizarre.

In Part I of Christmas shopping for beer lovers, we offer ...

The Basics: A list of those items that every beer lover should have.

Beer Glassware

For every style of beer there is an appropriate beer glass. Stop by the local World Market or Crate & Barrel and buy one of each of the following glasses: pint glass, pilsner, tulip, flute, goblet, mug and snifter. Or check out this set on Amazon. With one of each, there isn’t a beer style that your beer lover can’t enjoy in the right glass.

And for those 80's arcade loving beer geeks, these old arcade pint glasses are pretty cool.

Beer Food

True beer geeks are also food geeks and one of the coolest things to do is pair different beers with different foods. One great gift idea is a selection of craft beers and fine cheeses which are easily found at your local Whole Foods. You don’t have to know what pairs with what, just buy a variety of different beer styles and a platter of various cheeses and let your beer lover figure out what goes with what. It's educational and tasty!

Sierra Nevada makes some killer mustard from several of their beers or you can check out the local brewery or craft beer bar to see if they have beer foods or suggestions.

How about some "Ass Kicking Beer Bread"? Lots of other cool stuff at this site too.

Beer Books

If your beer lover is also a bookworm, there are a ton of great beer books out there to choose from. Here are some favorites:

Brewmasters Table by Garret Oliver, Brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery. The quintessential guide to beer and food.

Brewing up a Business by Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Brewery. Sam's inspirational story about starting a successful brewery.

He Said Beer, She Said Wine by Marnie Old and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head. The beer vs wine guide to pairing.

Beer School: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, founders of Brooklyn Brewery.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian. The must-have guide for anyone interested in brewing their own beer.

Tasting Beer, by Randy Mosher. A great guide to everything beer.

Red, White, and Brew by Brian Yaeger. The story of one man and his exploration of the American craft beer scene.

Beer Magazine Subscription

One of the gifts that keep on giving for 12 months, there are some great beer mags sure to please the beer lover on your list:

Mutineer Magazine, Beer Advocate magazine, All About Beer, Draft Magazine, Beer Magazine, Brew Your Own, Zymurgy

Beer clothing

Every beer lover needs a shirt from his favorite brewery or you can check out the selection of shirts at Café Press, Beer On The Wall or Craft Beer Clothing.

Next up in this beer gift series... The BODACIOUS!

Part II: The Bodacious

Part III: The Biggies

Part IV: The Bizarre


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