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Last minute celebrity Halloween costumes

If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume take a look at some quick and creative ideas below. Here are 5 costume options from some of your favorite Hollywood celebrities.

1. Lady Gaga – This pop star gives daily inspiration for Halloween, so your options are endless! For Lady Gaga creativity is key, so look for something shocking and unexpected. Look for a brightly colored leotard, add some tights/leggings and a pair of high heels. Then have fun sewing, ripping and/or gluing random accessories to your ensemble. To add the final touches look for a blond wig and apply heavy amounts of mascara . If you don't have the time to get creative take a look at the website Costume Discount. They offer a wide variety of Gaga outfits and accessories with prices ranging from $4.97 – $47.97.

2. Jersey Shore-

For girls: Snooki Polizzi: Love her or hate her this reality star is an easy choice for Halloween! The most important steps to your ensemble are: LOTS of fake tanner, a pouf in your hair, and for apparel? put it best by saying “deep v-necklines, mini-skirts, animal prints, lace, cutouts, and anything one size too small”. Finally, slip into a pair of high-heels, add hoop earrings and heavy smoky eye shadow. If you’re looking for a quick and effortless ensemble check out Costume Discount which offers Snooki wigs and costumes.

For guys: The Situation: shares a quick way to dress like this “character”. The essentials are “fake tanner, gym shorts and a tank top with abs drawn on it”.

3. Justin Bieber – This teen heart-throb is a great costume for guys or girls! The number one accessory for this costume is the hair. Bieber has become an icon for his long side-swept shaggy hair. So if you have the hair, blow-dry and then add some texturizing balm to hold it in place. If you don't have the hair, you can always pick up a wig. The outfit is easy. Simply throw on a t-shirt and hoodie with black skinny jeans and you are ready to go!

4. Betty White- The loveable 88 year-old has gotten a lot of publicity this past year and is sure to be a hit at any party. For your costume you will need a white wig and your grandma’s sweater- that’s it! In order to complete your look check out the make-up tips provided by Total Beauty.

5. Sue Sylvester from GleeThe intimidating (and hilarious) cheerleading coach of McKinley High keeps her uniform simple by always sporting a tracksuit. You can go for the original by purchasing a tracksuit from for $83. Or, for a cheaper alternative you can head to your local Target and check out the active wear section for a similar style. To finish throw on a pair of running shoes.

Take a look at the slideshow below for some visual inspiration!

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