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Last Local's Weekend of the Season

Snow in Denver last week, snow on the Eastern Seaboard this weekend, here come the tourists.
Snow in Denver last week, snow on the Eastern Seaboard this weekend, here come the tourists.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Welcome back to the South Beach Weekend Weather Outlook. We were enjoying our Fall Break and are now back to bring it all to you and keep you up to date on how the weather will be affecting your vacations and events.

Wow! What a weekend so far. The Eastern Seaboard is getting ready for a pounding of snow, we have had flooding all over the area, yet here on South Beach we had a bit of rain, some heavy wind, but a fair amount of sunshine between bands of showers. We can redeem this Halloween weekend, just might have to scamper between parties to keep the costumes dry. ALWAYS have the umbrella with you.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown here and get specific. Saturday, enjoy the sun when you can, and carry the umbrella. A chance of showers and thunderstorms after two is most likely. Our high will be 80F and the wind will be coming from the SW at 15mph and gusting to 25 so keep a hand on those crazy costume appendages. Chance of getting rained on where you are? 70%. Overnight it is only going down to 72 so enjoy a comfortable night.

Sunday brings less chance of rain, but it is still a 50/50 split on you getting wet where you are. It will be just as breezy all day and into the night. If you are flying out Monday the winds will be lighter than Sunday, but just as rainy as it was on Sunday.

With the snow coming early this year next week we will get our first wave of snowbirds, and travel site migrant vacationers, so enjoy your favorite spots this weekend because next week we could experience larger crowds. Locals, this is your chance to go out and enjoy the last weekend of having the island all to yourself.


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