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Last first kiss

Feeling a little discouraged about finding what you really want out of a relationship? Or maybe you don’t know what you want. Tamia’s song Last First Kiss should motivate even the most skeptical of daters. Who wouldn’t want someone who they can feel this way about, “Baby you’re perfect, perfect to me, simply means that you are perfect for me.” There is a lot of truth to someone being perfect for you. There is not a perfect person on this Earth but there are people that are better suited for you than others. So how do you weed through the rift raft to get to your prince or princess charming? Knowing what you want and learning that patience can be your bestfriend will get you on the right track.

Lance Mackey gets a kiss from his wife Tonya
AP Photo/Anchorage Daily News, Bob Hallinen

Tamia says, “My plan is not to just have a hit and quit. My plan is to make you my last first kiss.” She is upfront about what she wants and this ability to own your desires and stand up for them in the end is what is going to get you exactly what you want.

“First time I kissed you I just knew it felt right. Then when I’m with you I’m walking cloud nine. Just being with you makes my whole life shine.” For some, it isn’t always this clear from the very beginning. But patience will help you see if what you have is what you really want. More times than not, what you want, is not what you need. Learn what makes you happy so you are able to spot it sooner and you won’t waste so much time on what you don’t want and especially what you don’t need.

But is hoping for love like this setting us all up for disappointment? Isn’t the dating and relationship game disappointment enough without adding another layer of fantasy? But what if this kind of relationship is out there for all of us? Wouldn’t it be worth the wait? Perhaps if people learned patience and held out for what they really wanted there wouldn’t be such a high divorce rate, just a thought.

Along with knowing what you want and patience, relinquishing your control or the control you think you have over falling in love is important. Love is not something that anyone can truly explain or understand. It is more of a sickness than an emotion. Something you have to succumb to in order to fully appreciate its power.

Spring is coming Kansas City believe it or not. There are some wonderful places to have your last first kiss. If you are in to more public displays of affection, what better way to have a memorable last first kiss than standing in line for a roller coaster at World’s of Fun? Going to an amusement park is a great way to get to know someone and allow yourself to be a kid again. The adrenaline from having a new love interest coupled with the sheer rush of excitement from riding a roller coaster is over-the-top amazing.

For those of you that are more private, a picnic at the Wyandotte County Lake offers a plethora of perfectly cozy last first kiss spots. With the crickets chirping and the stars giving you their blessing you can capture the essence of the kiss surrounded by the natural beauty of the lake.

A kiss can tell you a lot about what a relationship is or is not going to be. Pay attention.

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  • Muriel 5 years ago

    Yes hoping for and holding out for this kind of love is hard. It's hard because you don't want to be alone so you're not fully happy with your life, but when you are with someone and you don't feel this way about them you are still not happy. As for me I'd rather be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone so I'm going to continue to practice patience until that one enters my life :)

  • KJ 5 years ago

    Interesting topic. For me, I think the frustrtion in Dating and letting go of the "wrong" ones comes from the realization that time and emotion have been spent and at times waisted. If hanging out as friends with a person that you dont expect anything serious to occur takes place then time spent is no big deal. However hanging out and hoping for something to potentially come about is way too painful! I'd rather focus on career and travel. Faith that the right sutation will present itself becomes the foundation for patience. My prayer is that I'm prepared.

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