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Last first kiss


  • Muriel 6 years ago

    Yes hoping for and holding out for this kind of love is hard. It's hard because you don't want to be alone so you're not fully happy with your life, but when you are with someone and you don't feel this way about them you are still not happy. As for me I'd rather be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone so I'm going to continue to practice patience until that one enters my life :)

  • KJ 6 years ago

    Interesting topic. For me, I think the frustrtion in Dating and letting go of the "wrong" ones comes from the realization that time and emotion have been spent and at times waisted. If hanging out as friends with a person that you dont expect anything serious to occur takes place then time spent is no big deal. However hanging out and hoping for something to potentially come about is way too painful! I'd rather focus on career and travel. Faith that the right sutation will present itself becomes the foundation for patience. My prayer is that I'm prepared.

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