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Last Chance: Warm Headbands

Get your knit/crochet headband before it's too late.

The weather is getting a little warmer in Oregon, but hardly. Spring won't actual arrive until another couple months and we all know just how much it will rain before then. The air is cold enough to still wear winter clothes (especially for this little snow storm) so why not take advantage of the clothing before the season changes?

My favorites include over-the-knee-high socks, leggings, sweater dresses and scarves. But one that really became popular lately is the knit/crochet headband. Accessible, adorable and warmth to the ears; much better than wearing a hood (unless it's raining of course.) They match with almost every hair style you do unlike beanies/hats. Not to mention all the different options online and in stores.

Cute clothing that warms your head and won't ruin your hair, what's better than that? They are also amazing for exercising in the cold as well. If you have not tried these yet, I highly recommend doing so.

Have you bought yours yet?

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