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Last Chance to Visit a Disneyland Jewel

The Jewel of Orleans Will Close Doors on April 15th.
The Jewel of Orleans Will Close Doors on April 15th.
Courtesy of DarkBeer,

The Jewel of Orleans, located in New Orleans Square, announced earlier this year that it will be closing its doors on April 15th.  In a letter to fans and supporters on, owner Natasha Pejakovich-Elam explained their decision to close the newest of their three locations.  Citing the "tough economic times," the store that joined the Disneyland fabric almost 15 years ago will no longer be the locale for those seeking all-things sparkly.

When the store opened in 1997, it was rumored to be the highest dollar-per-sqaure-foot lease ever, anywhere.  With such a niche product, some said it couldn't survive and, unfortunately, they were right.  But many are sad to see it go, predicting that Disneyland will lose the ambiance that the store brought with a higher-class product than some of the chintzy souvenir stores that pepper the Disneyland landscape.  Others predict yet another food or beverage area (high money-makers for the park). 

Whether Disneyland lovers are sad to see it go, or anxious for something new, the last chance to appreciate this "jewel" is only a few weeks away!  The Jewel of Orleans is located in Disneyland's New Orleans Square near Club 33, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Pieces of Eight shop.