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Last call to break a world record for the most people to ever do the Timewarp

If your sitting inside right now ,this is your last chance to get out and be part of something massive. In just a few more minutes (at approximately 10.35 PST) the world record for the largest ammount of people to ever 'do the Timewarp' together in one place is about to be broken and you've got just enough time to head down to the Hollywood Carnival and be a part of Los Angeles (and The Roxy Theatre's) new world record!..or at least head down their to witness history being made at the very least. The record breakers assembled outside The Roxy at 6pm today to give their details and recieve their dancing instructions for tonights attempt and their have been special showings and performances to mark the 35th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Show throughout the city all weekend.

   Even though the registrations all went ahead earlier this evening its worth pointing out that every man, woman and elderly Rocky Horror Veteran will be needed to smash the world record the stable doors are still wide open if you'd like to join those bolting horses. Tips and 'dance moves' are on the Roxy's site so jog your memory and get down tothe Rocky Horror Stage on the junction of Santa Monica Boulevard and San Vincente Boulevard right now!!

    And for those of you who can't, don't or won't do the Timewarp here's a Halloween treat from Canada's Violent Kin (a band many of you should remember from their Viper Room show last year!) with the video from their new album. Otherwise, you can allways do your own 'timewarp' by warping back to last years 'Halloween playlist' with a number of tracks from the birth place of Halloween and 'Samhain' -the celtic New Year- Ireland.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


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