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Last call for handsome German shepherd

Via Facebook

Update 8/6/14: According to the facility, this dog has been returned to his owner.

Ten days is not a long period of time...unless you are a homeless dog who is sitting inside of a kennel run at a busy animal control facility which puts animals down when space constraints become an issue.

It was ten days ago that a gorgeous, seven-year-old German shepherd named "Colt," was taken in at the San Bernardino City Animal Control in Calif., as a stray. Today, a relatively short time later, he is out of time and facing possible death.

Technically, Colt was "due out" three days ago - which means that with each day that passes, the odds of him being put down grow. During his nearly two weeks of time at the facility Colt's owner has not come forward and his life is now in the hands of strangers.

On July 31, a video was captured of Colt inside of his kennel area - it is readily apparent that he is depressed and confused.

German shepherds, by nature, are loyal to their family and inside of the animal control facility, Colt is undoubtedly feeling lost.

Please take a moment to network Colt's information - he is considered to be "urgent."


  • Petharbor link for Colt here
  • Age, estimated at 7 years
  • ID number A469910
  • San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304
  • Facebook thread for Colt here
  • Link to video on Facebook here
  • Please direct ALL inquiries about this dog to the facility where he is being held; ask for information about animal ID number A469910

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