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Last 7 days this year to get health insurance coverage - Obamacare works

People finally getting affordable health care
People finally getting affordable health care
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I know there's some confusion about the Affordable Care Act, but everything I'm reading says it's unquestionably a good thing. Doesn't hurt anybody who's already got health care coverage and offers a priceless opportunity to get reasonably priced coverage for those who've been unable to afford it before.

Last time I wrote about lack of health care, the number was something like 45 million Americans without. Spread the word to those who don't know what a blessing Obamacare is for those who currently can't pay big medical bills.

Here's the lowdown I got about in an email today:

After open enrollment ends on March 31, you won't be able to get insurance through the marketplace until 2015.

If you know someone who still hasn't signed up for health care, tell them to go to right now and sign up. This is their last chance.

Now is the time for people to get covered.

I know life is busy -- and after all the troubles with the website early on, some folks have been hesitant to give it a second chance. But the website is working great now: We've signed up more than 5 million Americans already, and more are signing up every day.

But here's what we know: People like you having conversations with your friends and family will make all the difference.

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