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Lashes, lashes, lashes ... it is all about those lashes!

  Dura Lash NaturalsNo matter where you turn these days you are hearing, seeing, and bombarded by lashes. It may come in the form of  false lash strips, individual lashes, mini-short lash strips, semi-permanent lashes, human lashes, mink lashes, faux lashes, lash growth medications (both over the counter and prescription drugs), two to three time volumizing mascara for lashes, nourishing and lash enhancers. The point is lashes have always been in style yet the emphasis may seemingly have gained popularity and momentum because of us being more aware regarding the role our lashes play in our overall look as well as the available variety of options.


We know that our eyebrows frame our face yet our eyelashes demands similar respect.  It is equivalent to having windows yet no window treatments or defining decor. It simply looks unfinished and unpolished. Adding eyelashes or enhancing your own with tools ranging from heated curlers, mascara, and/or the duo nourishing conditioners and mascara combinations; simply opens up your eyes making the eye look vibrant. Be careful though, adding eyelashes can be tricky. Sometimes you have to cut off a 1/3 (give or take) of the false eyelash strips so they won't over extend the edges making them look droopy and closed versus open and polished.

When applying mascara to intensify your lashes, use caution when trying to obtain more product on your brush. Never pump your brush to gather more product, it is a conduit for air and it can dry the product out making your product clumpy and messy. Always swirl your brush to obtain more product on your brush. Try not to swirl too much when applying to your lower lashes, especially if you are going for a more natural look, avoiding a heavy appearance.  It is best to use what is left on the brush after applying mascara on the top lashes if enough product is left over.

What type of false lashes you want to add, if any, is all depending on your taste, style, event, and the respected advice of your makeup artist. To take your eyelashes out of the container, it is suggested to roll the eyelashes out with your thumb from the center in the packaging. This helps to maintain the eyelash shape and prevent tearing and disfiguration. Some makeup artist suggest that use tweezers and pull from the outer corner of  false eyelashes. Some makeup artist also suggest blowing on your lashes but it is highly suggested not to do so due to bacteria and germ transfer. Eye infections can be hideous.

The unlimited types of mascara and eyelashes available are too numerous to name yet here are a few links and names that can help you define your eyes. The Perfect Face Makeup Artistry team suggest Mascara - My favorite ever is Cover Girl Lash Blast in the Orange tube. The brush is to die for! It's not too thick, not too thin and doesn't clump.  Also Oprah Winfrey declared Lash Blast the best mascara in 2008. Great eyelash curlers and heated eyelash curlers are available at the Alcone Co.  Also eyelashes "loved by makeup artists because they are inexpensive and reliable. " 

Certainly Maybelline's Stiletto mascara has risen in popularity as well as its  XX-TREME LENGTH Microfiber Mascara. Mink eyelashes have been the rave of celebrities. "Mink Lashes are now available at Coastal Scents. MinkEye false lashes are hand made using 100% mink fur that has been gently combed from the animal. Mink eyelashes offer the most natural look in the industry from everyday to glamorous.

A pair of Minkeye lashes can be used over and over, unlike synthetic lashes. We offer extremely elegant lashes also, these are adorned with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Mink Eyelashes have been a trend in Hollywood and celebrity fashion for years, however the high pricing ($150 - $800) made it impossible for most of us to afford this luxury."

Irregardless to your personal choice, take time to enhance your lashes. Adding drama to your lashes can also add balance to dramatic eyes that leaves a sizzling and sultry appearance even toned and well put together. Read more about sizzling sultry eyes here.  If you decide to use more natural shades that blend well with your desired look, adding mascara or  more natural false eyelashes can benefit your eyes by making them appear opened and more vibrant.  Remember, allow your look to benefit from a polished and balanced look no matter what you decide to do. 


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