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Laser Tattoo Removal for Unwanted Tattoos

You probably weren’t thinking about your future career, your wedding day, or even your changing tastes the day you got “inked.” But now? Whether you have a small, discreet rose or a bold work of art, you can restore your “canvas” and clear your skin with PicoSure™ laser tattoo removal.


Dr. Jessica Krant explains that there are several lasers that work with varying degrees of success for those seeking tattoo removal in New York.

PicoSure laser tattoo removal is the newest approach to erasing unwanted tattoos, and Dr. Krant selected it as her method of choice because it is gentler and more effective than any other laser being used for laser tattoo removal in NYC.


The word “laser” is actually an acronym for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation,” or, in simpler terms, the creation of highly focused light energy of a particular wavelength. Lasers are now a common tool in a variety of medical applications, from replacing scalpels for making incisions, to stimulating collagen production to combat signs of aging, even to removing those “permanent” tattoos that don’t fit your image or your lifestyle any more.

The PicoSure laser works by delivering intense pulse of light onto your tattoo in one one-trillionth of a second, a picosecond (hence its name). This ultra-fast pulse of light has proven to be more effective and dispersing inks than slower nanosecond (one one-billionth of a second) technology, which until recently was the most advanced type of laser tattoo removal available. PicoSure is the first laser of its type to receive FDA approval for both tattoo removal and treatment of benign pigmented lesions.

The PicoSure turns unwanted inks and natural pigmentations into tiny dust particles that, over time, are swept away by the body’s lymphatic system, effectively treating even difficult-to-remove blue and green inks.

Dr. Krant says the PicoSure laser can deliver maximum benefits in as few as three treatments, spaced three to four weeks apart, and it is so gentle that it leaves the surrounding tissue unmarked and unaffected.

The number of PicoSure treatments and the length of time it takes to achieve optimal results depend on your skin type, the age of your tattoo, and the type of inks used in creating it.

If you want to schedule tattoo removal in New York, do your homework! Find a doctor with a lot of experience in tattoo removal. Check to be sure the doctor has been fully trained and approved for the specific laser treatment you’ll be receiving. Ask to see before-and-after photos, and speak with former patients about their experiences. All these will help make sure your tattoo removal is comfortable and thorough.

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