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Laser sights and flashlights at the SHOT Show

Laser sights and flashlights have become an integral part of the firearms market in the past few years. At the 2014 SHOT Show, that trend continued in force. Both categories continue to proliferate, improve, and become more affordable.

Viridian REACTOR

Crimson Trace showed a variety of new products for both pistols and rifles. Their new green laser line of products was on display. Also several combination light and laser unit were being demonstrated, including a prototype rail mounted combo unit for pistols.

AimSHOT broadened their line of lasers and lights. They showed a trigger guard mounted laser for the Ruger LCP, LCR, and Sig 938 that is very inexpensive.

Viridian introduced its REACTOR line, a combination laser sight and pocket holster for the Ruger LCP and several other pocket autoloaders. This combo requires no activation on the user’s part. The act of removing the pistol from the holster activates the laser via a magnet.

LaserLyte has a very broad line of laser sights for handguns even as small as the five shot mini-revolvers. They showed several new models of trigger guard mounted lasers for semi-auto pocket pistols such as the SCCY, Taurus, and Diamondback.

LaserMax has also entered the green laser arena. They have both an internal guiderod green laser and a triggerguard mounted unit for the Ruger LC9 and LC380. In the rifle area, their purpose built laser for the Ruger 10/22 was on display.

LensLight is a flashlight manufacturer that started out catering to the motion picture industry. To meet the needs of motion picture crews, LensLight developed a patented spherical lens for flashlights that results in a beam that is tightly focused and completely evenly illuminated with no center bright spot.

Hyskore had a flashlight specifically developed for J frame revolvers. It fastens to the revolver and is activated by a switch on the grip.

With the price of lasers dropping below $100, in some cases, they are becoming a very affordable accessory for small guns that frequently have small hard to see sights. For home defense especially, lasers can prove to be a valuable addition to a defensive firearm.

Note that, unless one is a New York State public official, lasers mounted on handguns should not be used as laser pointers during presentations, nor should they be shined on the heads of members of foreign delegations. Common sense and accepted safety precautions do not apply to New York State public officials, therefore they are exempt.

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