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Las Vegas: Wednesday night out at Cherry Bomb



Looking for something a little different on Wednesday night? Then check out Cherry Bomb inside Red Rock Resort and Casino. Cherry Bomb features a unique nightlife venue and great alternative music. You don’t have to drive to the Strip for a great night out in the middle of the week! So read on and wait for Wednesday to roll around. Then pack your swimsuit and dancing shoes and head over to Red Rock!

Located outside, Cherry Bomb is at the exclusive Cherry pool and combines a nightclub with the laidback feel of a pool party. In fact, upon entering, you might feel like you’ve just entered a big house party full of people you’ve never met.

Knowing where to enter is important. Don’t try the main entrance (the bright red tunnel); go out the exit next to it, to the pool. The Cherry pool entrance will be to the right. It looks small from the outside, but there’s a lot going on inside.

Past the entrance, there are benches and couches everywhere (lots of free seating) and a great centrally located bar. You can see into Cherry Nightclub (where the bathrooms are). The pool is small, but not by “over 21 only” standards. Off to the side are cabanas and DJ Mike Attack.

The Best Deals
Great drink and bottle deals! Host, Shaila Macy, gave a through rundown of the specials. Drinks are half off until midnight. For tables, there are $100 bottles of Skyy Vodka (one bottle per ten people, awesome deal). Bottles come with a table or cabana. Currently, admission is also free! And yes, you can swim when weather permits. Just bring proper swim attire.


  • For guestlist and table reservations, contact Shaila Macy at 702-883-0942 or For more info on guestlists, click here.
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  • X 5 years ago

    Cherry Bomb is the name of the promotion, it is not the name of a location or venue.
    Cherry at Red Rock and Budget Nightlife are not one in the same. 2 for1 yes but when a drink is $15.00, $7.50 each is not even close to Budget.

  • Melanie 5 years ago


    My apologies for the confusion. Cherry Bomb is the weekly party that is held at the Cherry Pool, not inside the nightclub which is generally closed on Wednesday nights (management explained that on some instances the party may be held inside the club but is usually outdoors). While it's generally quite rare to find a mixed drink at a club for under $7, if you're looking for a better deal, you might want to get a group together and try out the bottle service! If you get a group of 10 for it, then $10 a piece is a great price for a cabana and drinks! Thanks for reading!

  • Jeff 5 years ago

    Been there, it's not on anyone's budget that doesn't have a 6 figure salary. Drink prices are high everywhere at Red Rock!

  • SarahJav 5 years ago

    Cherry IS a nightclub. Check out their website where they say, "Cherry Nightclub at Red Rock, Las Vegas is just begging to be plucked." Now why would they say that if it was not the name of a location or venue or, perhaps, nightclub?

    Thanks for the heads-up Mel!

  • Nichole 5 years ago

    Miss Lee's advice for the bottle service is really a good idea. That's what my friends and I do. So, we can go out and enjoy the experience and party like everyone else, but, we generally take about 5-10 people, so, it costs me about 10-20 for, like she said, the full experience. and generally when you do the bottle service, the wait staff tends to cater a little more to you and your needs! Thanks Melanie! Cherry Bomb Wednesdays were a blast!!!

  • Melanie 5 years ago

    Nichole and SarahJav,

    Thank you so much for your support and for reading! I'm so happy you liked the story!!