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Las Vegas Waxing Studio Hits One Million Youtube Views

Wax Hair Removal Bar
Wax Hair Removal Bar
Wax Hair Removal Bar

Marketing companies all agree that the use of video and social media channels is crucial to success in marketing a business on the internet today. Those same marketing companies will generally show very little actual success with regards to the use of video to spread brand awareness for their clients. Essentially they will talk about studies they have read or about campaigns that they have seen elsewhere, yet almost none of them can show a real case study where they created and developed a video campaign for a client that provides some benefits. There is typically a single reason for these inabilities of companies to be able to produce online success for a client, and it boils down to content.

Lets face it, nobody really enjoys sitting through commercials. With the advent of digital programming and recording people now have the ability to strip advertising out of their programming completely. Interruption marketing is irritating and immediately puts a negativity into the minds of viewers who are forced to wait through something they do not want to see in order to get to something that they are interested in. When a marketing company produces a video for a client, they are generally thinking in terms of traditional commercial production, a 15 or a 30 second ad that will be forced upon someone in a viewing situation. The problem is that utilization of this process online allows people to easily ignore the content if it is not interesting. What we are left with is companies telling clients that they need to use Youtube and video in order to market themselves to a generation that is flocking to online video and rejecting television en masse. The marketing company then proceeds to produce a traditional television ad and place it on Youtube in an attempt to get what adds up to free placement (on television the majority of cost is associated with ad placement, not on production.) The company uploads the content to a Youtube channel and then proceeds to wonder why they do not get thousands and thousands of views, especially when other videos that seem equally pointless get millions. The mistake that is being made is that the content that was produced is basically just another commercial, and people do not choose to watch commercials. The content is not interesting or entertaining, and therefor it will never get shared by viewers, which is the key to getting more Youtube views.

Wax Hair Removal Bar is a small business with locations in Las Vegas and Vancouver. Like all small businesses, there are limited funds available for marketing, yet the desire to become a worldwide franchise. Faced with an inability to to actually advertise outside of any market that does not specifically have a location, there was nearly no chance of reaching any kind of an audience outside of the local areas where physical locations exist. Luba Sasowski (the owner and president) turned to online marketing as a means of reaching a larger audience and spreading the message that her business existed, even outside of the areas where her locations actually did exist. Through production of videos that show her products and process, she created a Youtube channel for her business that has crossed the one-million views threshold in less than six months. With video footage that was shot around her Las Vegas location in a single day, ten videos were produced and uploaded to Youtube. While most of the videos hover around the low thousands in terms of views, several of them have achieved the ever-elusive viral success that marketing companies dream about but can rarely produce. These videos have now been seen by more than one million people, and are averaging more than 250,000 views every month. The Wax Hair Removal Bar Youtube channel can be seen here:

The main question that is asked with regards to successful campaigns from small businesses and limited budgets is "how do you get the videos to go viral?" The answer that Ms. Sasowski and her online marketing company employed is "interesting content." "If we had simply filmed the location and the products and produced a series of ads, nobody would have been interested and watched the videos. They would have clicked away," a representative stated. "We filmed the actual process of bikini waxing and anal bleaching, which are the services that Wax offers and that are generally taboo to show. We didn't shoot it in a way that couldn't be shown on Youtube because of the nudity restrictions, but we came as close as we possibly could. That makes people want to watch."

The approach is working, and as a result the rates of viewership are increasing every month. Viral success cannot be forced, and the process generally evolves on it's own. The secret sauce that creates viral success is actually a combination of production of interesting content and seeding the videos, so that an initial group of people see them and share them. The process of seeding is a closely held secret that the Las Vegas based internet marketing company responsible for the campaign will not discuss. "Anyone with a camera can film a video, we produce online campaigns. The video is only one aspect of the process," a representative stated. With over a million views in five months, the process is obviously working.