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Las Vegas Waxing Salon Is A Hit On Youtube

Wax Hair Removal Bar Las Vegas
Wax Hair Removal Bar Las Vegas
Wax Hair Removal Bar

Youtube is an entertainment channel that reaches billions of people every day, and is involved in every discussion about the reduction of viewership of television programs, as well as the shifting of interest to online channels by the general public. The question for businesses remains how to capture the most attention for the most cost effective price. Television has been a notoriously expensive medium, and the associated costs of production of commercials and media placement on the most popular programming channels that can be afforded is a scary premise for most small businesses. An ineffective campaign can wipe out a marketing budget and place the small business into a financial position that is far from comfortable. As a result of this ongoing battle between reaching mass viewers and costs, many small businesses have attempted to save on media placement costs by shifting their attention to Youtube and video sharing platforms. Most have failed.

Wax Hair Removal Bar in Las Vegas is a small waxing salon that provides services to the local community. They have a great reputation and a brand that appeals to both men and women in that they are not attempting to divert attention away from the painful aspects of waxing. They actually embrace the fact that it is going to hurt, and advertise themselves on their website and in magazine articles as "Our emphasis is on results, not relaxation." The owner of the salon, Luba Sasowski has always had a strong interest in potentially creating a global brand from her small business, and has recently begun offering the ability to franchise her business in various locations. The question of reaching the global audience that would be necessary to speak to a potential audience far outside of the local Las Vegas area would be problematic for most businesses, and few would have the access to the capital necessary to reach a global audience. Wax found the path through Youtube and video marketing.

Six months ago a series of videos was produced specifically for Youtube, featuring an honest portrayal of services within the salon. The procedures involved in Brazilian and bikini waxing were filmed, along with eyebrow rehab, anal bleaching and other services that most salons would be afraid to put on video. The procedures were captured focusing on the aspects of the services that most people would joke about in private, yet never see in mass media. The very intimate aspects of the waxing experience were captured in all their glory and released on the Wax Las Vegas Youtube channel. The result exceeded all expectations, as viewers flooded the channel with views, and more than a few of the videos "went viral" generating thousands of views from all over the world.

The Wax Las Vegas youtube experiment has resulted in more than one-million views to the seven videos that have been released. There has been widespread commentary on and off the channel as far as the services are concerned. The desire to reach a widespread audience was achieved in less than six months and for very little investment, making it one of the most successful small business presentations on Youtube from the Las Vegas area, and one of the most successful video presentations from a waxing salon in internet history. The videos aren't for everyone, but they do give viewers something to talk about, and something to consider as far as hair removal options.